Core values

SoftwareOne’s seven core values

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We live these principles

From the beginning, SoftwareOne embraced seven core values that guide everything we do and every decision we make. They shape how we behave toward customers, partners, and each other. Unlike many corporate values filed away in an employee handbook and never revisited, our values are part of our DNA. We put them into practice daily. We look for them in recruits and empower every employee to bring these values to life in their work and community. Discover the values that make SWOmies the team you want on your side.

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    We constantly look to improve and never forget the importance of our customers and colleagues.

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    We exceed expectations through great discipline and ensure a world-class customer experience.

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    Employee satisfaction

    We value our greatest asset. We love and support our colleagues and operate without hierarchy.

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    Fast is better than slow, but we will not compromise on quality.

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    We strive for excellence, go the extra mile, and have fun in what we do.

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    We are consistent, honest, and fair and always try to do what is right.

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    In everything we do, we accept responsibility and deliver on our commitments.

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