Application Services

Your cloud is only as strong as the applications running on it

cloud maturity level

Simply lifting and shifting existing applications to a cloud platform often costs companies more than making them cloud-native. Modernising also pays down long-standing technical debt, which CIOs estimate amounts to between 20% and 40% of their technology estates1. Modernisation frees your team to spend time innovating and less time working around brittle systems. Our application services experts provide a custom roadmap for re-architecting and modernising applications, whether you re-platform, refactor, or rebuild. We also design and build new cloud applications, including automation and data use cases to support your business goals.

1McKinsey & Co., Tech debt: Reclaiming tech equity, October 6, 2020.

Stay one step ahead

Our global team offers locally relevant guidance fitted to the customer’s culture that provides a custom roadmap and for building or modernising cloud applications.

  • Trusted partner

    • 30+ years of tech transformation
    • 3,000+ cloud experts
    • Over 10 million users migrated to the cloud
    • Supporting 6.9 million active users
    • Presence in 90 countries
    • Application Services Competency Centres

  • Proven approach

    • #1 Azure Partner globally
    • AWS Premier Tier Services Partner
    • Google Cloud Premier Partner
    • FinOps Certified Platform & Service Provider
    • ISO 27001 Security certified
    • ISO 20000 IT Services certified
    • CMMI DEV 5 Development certified


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