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Optimize Your Red Hat estate from procurement, to modernization, to retirement.

Red Hat Publisher Advisory Services

It is essential that each Red Hat subscription at your organization is reflective of business needs, procured in a cost-efficient manner, and managed in accordance with the vendors terms and aligned to the product lifecycle. SoftwareONE helps your organization get the very best from your Red Hat investments, with continued support throughout the redesign, renewals and retirement process.

Doug Vincent-Townend

Many partners transact a 'moment in time' deal and then disappear. At SoftwareONE, we make it our business to understand how the software will be used both now and in the future to ensure an optimal technical and commercial lifecycle.

Red Hat Solutions Specialist

What Makes Red Hat Hard to Manage?

Rapidly Evolving Subscriptions

Red Hat is continuously updating its product lines and subscription agreements. You may be using a tool that can run on physical machines, only to have that capability changed at the next renewal.

Isolated & Ad Hoc Purchasing

Disparate teams often purchase Red Hat subscriptions in isolation, without looking at the bigger picture. Different versions with differing usage terms can easily lead to non-compliance.

Reduced Cost Efficiency

Isolated and ad-hoc purchasing reduces the ability to take advantage of economies of scale, and hinders your organization's negotiation position.

Optimize Your Red Hat Estate with SoftwareONE

Software Asset Management Expertise

The way Red Hat technology can be acquired changes rapidly. Our award winning asset management expertise allows you to see asses how you are using Red Hat and align this to the optimal commercial model.

Cloud Management

By leveraging SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud Platform, we offer customers valuable insights into all their Red Hat procurement data. This data set can be used to identify trends, contractual leakage and to help support governing cloud resources reducing the risk of non-compliance.

DevOps and App Modernization

SoftwareONE offers tools and expertise to help organizations modernize applications and leverage DevOps to facilitate digital transformation.

Subscription Optimized Infrastructure

Gain visibility into how your infrastructure currently operates in accordance with business goals, and align relevant Red Hat subscriptions with your environment.

Partnership with Microsoft

SoftwareONE & Microsoft have a longstanding and trusted relationship. SoftwareONE are also, the world largest Azure partner so intricatly understand Azure and know how to best leverage the cloud platform. As customers continue to leverage the benefits of Linux on Azure having access to expertise around Red Hat and Microsoft is essential.

Your benefits with SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE’s global footprint enables us to offer our customers consistent prices across locations with unmatched expertise. Simplify the procurement process to ensure economies of scale are realized, and consolidate and co-terminate renewals to improve your negotiation position. With expertise in application modernization, and a long-time relationship with Microsoft, SoftwareONE are the ‘goto’deal Red Hat partner.

  • Support DevOps and application modernization initiatives

  • Reduce risk of non-compliance

  • Optimize spend and achieve economies of scale

  • Track and manage evolving subscription models

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