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Better managed mobile devices speed emergency help

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AAA Washington upgraded mobile device management with Microsoft Intune

AAA Washington planned a move to Microsoft Intune to enhance operations and security for remote device and application management while saving a $58k renewal fee for its existing application. The new solution controls a mix of Android and iOS devices and applications to ensure secure access without friction or security risk. The change supports all AAA Washington remote workers, from roadside technicians to call center staff to insurance and travel agents.

With a COVID-19 accelerated timeline, AAA Washington engaged SoftwareOne for support and guidance to make a fast Intune transition for nearly 600 users. Implementation was accomplished with a minimal business interruption. With SoftwareOne's support, AAA Washington successfully held to the completion deadline while avoiding the renewal fee and improving management functionality supporting mobile devices used to deliver quality member services.

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AAA (American Automobile Association) Washington; US
Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune
United States
The entire process was much less about the technology than it was about people. It was about having a partner able to lead us and expedite a change that helps us to help our members. Because of the COVID-19 situation, this was an unexpected value-add that we realized very quickly, thanks to SoftwareOne.

Lori Reed
IT PMO Manager, AAA Washington

About the client 

AAA (American Automobile Association) Washington has been serving members and the traveling public since 1904 in Washington and North Idaho in the US. The organization provides various exclusive benefits, including emergency road service, discounts, maps, and personalized trip planning, to its more than 1,200,000 members. Also, its full-service travel and insurance agencies provide products and services for members and the public.

The challenge

Providing 24/7 emergency road service is a central part of AAA’s mission. For AAA Washington, orchestrating ERS includes a web of behind-the-scenes technology and mobile resources. In case of an emergency, clear and consistent communications with contracted ERS service providers are critical. It allows the AAA Washington call center to quickly and efficiently dispatch resources to help members change a tire, jump-start a battery, or be towed to a safe location. However, the shared mobile devices assigned to each vehicle had become costly to support. Also, because some vehicles and mobile devices are owned by third party ERS contractors, managing the population of 300+ devices had become particularly challenging, manual, and time-consuming.

Moreover, the renewal license for its current MDM solution was coming due. Microsoft Intune offered a robust application alternative, already licensed under AAA Washington’s new comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 agreement. Making a switch would provide both financial and operational benefits. All the team needed were experienced and knowledgeable resources to assist – quickly.

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The solution

The switch to Intune decreased costs, improved technology support capabilities, and enhanced device functionality. It also enabled AAA Washington to utilize a cloud-based management platform. Data is secure, and applications run across device types to provide provisioning enhancements, as well as new device deployment. The new solution controls a mix of Android and iOS devices and applications critical to ensuring that all AAA Washington’s remote workers, from ERS technicians to call center staff, have secure access to devices and apps without friction or security risk.

The emergence of COVID-19 working restrictions, along with the license expiration deadline for the aging MDM, made timing a critical factor. As a trusted partner, SoftwareOne responded quickly by assembling a technical and project management team to provide the planning, direction, and guidance needed to transition nearly 600 users to Intune promptly.

AAA Washington set five critical measures for a successful Intune implementation:

  1. A transition to Intune with minimal user or business interruption
  2. Solving BYOD user and device management problems
  3. Meeting the contract deadline to avoid a $58K renewal fee
  4. Easing management overhead and operational difficulties
  5. Expanding secure device management functionality

AAA and SoftwareOne collaborated to manage needed adjustments and gain new insights.

The difference now is day and night, 
– said Kevin DeKay, Senior IT Manager, AAA Washington.

Intune has improved management, added device functionality, and broadened insights to improve our customer service delivery. That’s our objective.

The new solution provided an opportunity to enhance and fine-tune security. The cloud-based Intune service enables both Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management (MAM) to isolate organizational data and control device use, including remote application management for mobile phones, tablets, workstations, and laptops.

As COVID-19 spread in the early months of 2020, AAA Washington had a sudden need for a more remote user base.

We needed to move a few hundred call center staff to work from home,
– said Chuck Stewart, IT Manager, AAA Washington.

With the assistance of SoftwareOne, Intune has allowed us to move from limited remote capabilities to new insight.

The result

  • AAA Washington upgraded its existing mobile device management to future-proof, cloud-based Microsoft Intune with minimal business interruption and within a tight timeline
  • Using Microsoft Intune, AAA Washington has improved security options and technology support and equipped its remote workers with better managed and secure applications on mobile devices. Even amid COVID-19, the changes provide consistent communications that continue to assure reliable emergency member services.
  • Moving to Intune before the expiry of the legacy solution saved AAA Washington $58k in licensing expenses
  • The new cloud-based mobile device and application management solution aligns with AAA Washington’s goal of an IT infrastructure that is flexible and easily scalable. It helped them to reduce management overhead and to gain broader operational insights. It improved security and compliance configurations, added functionalities, native capabilities, and strengthened data protection.
  • Intune reduces AAA Washington's administration effort by covering both Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM), saving IT staff time and solving BYOD user and device management problems by protecting and isolating organizational from private data.
  • A SoftwareOne developed custom management home screen has introduced improved business controls in support of member services efficiencies.
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