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Para SoftwareONE nuestra gente es nuestro mayor activo: por eso apoyamos y cuidamos a nuestros compañeros e invertimos en nuestra gente y en su desarrollo profesional.

Somos apasionados, estamos orientados a resultados y facultados para aportar resultados a nuestros clientes; a medida que cambian y crecen sus necesidades, así cambiamos y crecemos nosotros. Por eso estamos permanentemente desarrollando, expandiendo y refinando nuestra oferta. Creemos en la importancia creciente de los servicios de asesoramiento y de consultoría de negocio para ayudar a nuestros clientes.

Nuestra gente tiene que ser curiosa, dispuesta a ir más allá, inteligente e involucrada en la tarea de conformar el futuro, porque nunca paramos en la búsqueda de las mejores soluciones y los servicios más innovadores. Permanecemos centrados en nuestro objetivo común de marcar la diferencia.

Work Life Balance at SoftwareONE

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Para conocer a fondo nuestra cultura de SoftwareONE es necesario verla en acción. Consulta nuestros perfiles de Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram y Twitter para ver cómo nuestros empleados viven nuestros valores cada día.

Sobre SoftwareONE


Sede central en Stans, Suiza, con presencia en 90 países y capacidad para transaccionar en más de 150 países


Con más de 8.300 profesionales con perfiles técnicos, de negocio, de soporte o consultoría

+ 65.000

Más de 65.000 clientes en todo el mundo, englobando enterprise y SMEs

Nuestra Cultura & Valores

Durante más de 30 años, SoftwareONE ha sido la base de las organizaciones de todo el mundo para sus soluciones tecnológicas. Con los cambios en el mercado, desde la infraestructura on-premise al Cloud, siempre hemos estado un paso por delante. La base de nuestras transiciones y evoluciones son nuestros siete valores fundamentales que esperamos de todos nuestros empleados actuales y buscamos en nuestras futuras incorporaciones. La naturaleza global de nuestra organización nos permite adaptarnos y comprometernos con estos valores de forma exclusiva a la cultura y las necesidades empresariales de cada lugar.

Escucha a nuestro equipo describir los siete valores fundamentales en siete idiomas diferentes:

Customer Focused – Superamos las expectativas mediante una gran disciplina y garantizamos una experiencia de calidad para el cliente.

Employee Satisfaction – Nuestro mayor activo. Queremos y apoyamos a nuestros compañeros y funcionamos sin jerarquías.

Speed – Rápido es mejor que lento, pero por ello no renunciamos a la calidad.

Passionate – Nos esforzamos por alcanzar la excelencia, vamos más allá y nos divertimos con lo que hacemos.

Integrity – Somos coherentes, honestos. justos y siempre hacemos lo correcto.

Discipline – Aceptamos la responsabilidad y cumplimos todos nuestros compromisos.

Humble – Buscamos constantemente mejorar y nunca olvidamos lo importante que son nuestros clientes y compañeros.

¿Qué opinan nuestros SWOMies?


Somos una organización global y nuestros beneficios reflejan las necesidades de nuestros empleados específicas de su lugar de trabajo. Además, ofrecemos una amplia trayectoria profesional y oportunidades de desarrollo.

President’s Club

For our highest achievers across all departments – recognition from both leadership and peers.

Flexible Working

Work from anywhere & deliver excellence everywhere – from Miami to Madrid view our global offices.

Dress Up/Dress Down

Whatever makes you comfortable – we are most certainly not a suit and tie company.

Employee Exchange Program

Apply to work in a different area of the world and learn from your colleagues in a new culture.

Comprehensive Holiday Time

Time off to relax and recharge – spend time away from the office to pursue your favorite hobby or time with family and friends

Recognition – Quarterly Incentive Programs

At SoftwareONE recognition is part of our culture. Our SWOmies can appreciate and recognize each other for going above and beyond on a special platform.

Continuing Education

We offer tuition reimbursement to help you further your career goals and / or technology certifications; we also have a dedicated learning platform – FUSE – a modern learning experience.

Employee Stock Option Programs (SIX: SWON)

All employees can be shareholders and can participate in owning a piece of SoftwareONE.

Meet the teams

At SoftwareONE we have a presence in 90 countries but we operate as ONE team. We work tirelessly to ensure the impact we have reflects not only the work we do for our customers, but also for ourselves and for society.

Meet them here

Equity & Inclusion

We are ONE team formed by unique and rich backgrounds.  Our people are what makes the SoftwareONE culture so unique. We strive to foster an equal and inclusive culture and workplace that allows for individuals to be the best versions of themselves, learn from their peers and leaders and grow in their careers. We strive to provide a culture which is inclusive and supportive to everyone, a place where every person regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability and religion, has a place and have equal opportunities.

We strongly believe that embracing our differences is a key driver of employee satisfaction and aids in our mission for all SWOmies to have the best career experience in their life at SoftwareONE. Varied backgrounds and perspectives empower more creative, innovative, and deeper insights, leading to the best customer focus and experience possible.

Integrity being one of SoftwareONE’s core values, for us, focusing on inclusion and equity is simply the right thing to do.

We have partnered with Microsoft to create the ONEforALL initiative to ensure all SoftwareONE employees and customers are aware and able to utilise the leading-edge features on the 0365 platform and beyond to drive digital inclusion strategies. To learn more visit here to see how we make sure our solutions are a viable option for all.

Women in Technology Advocates

Furthermore, our Women in Technology (WiT) group at SoftwareONE is strong and growing. Check out how our female colleagues around the world learn, grow and develop their careers in technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of our core pillars for our company vision is entirely based on our People. To that end we look to not only develop our own people but also give back to the larger community – where we live, play and work.

Watch how our SWOmies have been giving back to the society.

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Hello #swomies 😊 I’m Queenie Ko and I am the ‘Face of SoftwareONE’ this week!! Read on to find out about my passion of running and how I was inspired to it. I am a Senior BDM based in Jamaica serving our customers in the SoftwareOne West Indies sub. I started my running journey about 8 years ago. Back then I was a smoker and very unfit, I could not run a block even if Zombies were chasing me. I started a relationship with the love of my life (now my husband), he encouraged me to quit smoking and we started walking then running together, I realize I was good at distance running. I started training for 5Ks local events, eventually 10Ks and in two years I ran a half marathon. I never had a desire to run a full marathon, I thought that was for super fit people and for crazies. Later I was introduced to a running club “Pacers Running Club” and there were persons in the club who were just regular folks and completed marathons, they inspired me and changed my mindset that it is possible for anyone. In 2017 I was feeling the “mid life crisis”, started unhealthy habits and stopped running, so I set a goal in 2018 to get out of this “funk” by telling myself I am going to run a marathon. I joined the marathon training program with my friends and fellow club members, ran my first marathon in Savannah, Georgia. Since then I have ran multiple half marathons and my second marathon in Big Bear, California. As part of marathon training I incorporate cycling and yoga to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and reduce injuries. Running has kept me healthy, away from bad habits and instilled good ones as well as challenged me mentality to make me stronger. :) #swocareers #softwareone #softwareonefamily #jamaica #jamaica🇯🇲 #marathon #running #runningcommunity #womenintech #womenintechnology #swoemployeetakeover #runnersofinstagram #followme

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