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Enhance your digital document workflow with Adobe Sign

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Tobias HübnerBusiness Development Manager
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Many companies are switching to electronic document workflows as part of their digital transformations but e-signatures are frequently omitted from the equation. In this blog, we’ll show you how quick, simple and secure digital signing processes are with Adobe Sign.

Sticking to manual and time-consuming processes inhibits the significant efforts that companies are investing into their digital transformations. Nothing epitomizes this better than the electronic signature. Although some people may be aware of the option for digital signing but hesitate to implement it, others may simply be unaware of the modern technology that’s available and the security it can provide. This article will provide an overview of Adobe Sign and how it is integrated within Microsoft Office applications*.

Fast and secure digital signatures

You are probably familiar with the PDF solution Adobe Acrobat and the Adobe Creative Suites. However, the digital signature solution Adobe Sign is less well known. Adobe Sign allows users to digitize all of their document-based processes and is therefore an ideal companion to Acrobat. However, even as a standalone solution or an add-in to individual Office applications, the program can provide significant added value by saving time, reducing the use of paper and ink and by cutting the costs of postage. Adobe Sign is an easy way to generate simple, advanced or even legally binding electronic signatures at any time and should be an integral part of any office setup. The solution includes a browser-based dashboard allowing you to begin a signature process wherever, whenever and on any device. What’s more, it gets even easier: You can work as usual in your Microsoft Office application such as Outlook or Word and launch the signature process directly from there.

Electronic signatures in Microsoft Outlook: It couldn’t be easier

  1. Open the Add-In Store in Outlook
  2. Search for Adobe Sign and select Add. Usually this will not require administrative rights
  3. Log into your Adobe Sign account
  4. Write your email. The recipient will automatically become the signatory. If you need signatures from more than one person, just list the email recipients in the necessary order. The name of the specific signing process will be added to the subject line of your email. Paste the document that needs signing into the email. I always recommend sending a new email to ensure clear communication about circulating the document for signatures. The number of characters is limited to 1,000. Once your email is ready, click on the button Send for Signature in the email program’s start menu.

5. You will then see the initiated signature process on the right-hand side of the email window.

Adobe sign in screen shot.

6. If you want to protect the document with a password or automatically remind your signatory of the pending task, just go to More Options directly under the Continue button to select the operations you need. You can also shuffle the sequence of recipients at this point, which is a handy feature if all signatories are equal or there are other reasons to do so. Two-factor authentication can also be activated here.

A screen shot of an email sent from a google account.

7. Once you have entered all the details, click on Continue to start the signing process. All the necessary information is saved and automatically transferred to your Adobe Sign account – without ever leaving Outlook.

Adobe sign adobe sign adobe sign adobe sign adobe sign.
Adobe sign contract status.

More helpful information about Adobe Sign

The menu item Agreement Status is available in Outlook to make sure you have insight into your outstanding signature processes at all times. Besides Outlook, Adobe Sign is currently available as an add-in for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, but unfortunately not for Microsoft Excel at this time. Adobe still has some catching up to do here.

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Get the most out of your Adobe investment

Adobe offers a wide variety of products and licensing models that can be difficult to manage. Our experts would be happy to advise you on all of them.

Get the most out of your Adobe investment

Adobe offers a wide variety of products and licensing models that can be difficult to manage. Our experts would be happy to advise you on all of them.


A man in a suit and tie is posing for a photo.

Tobias Hübner
Business Development Manager

Publisher Advisory, Adobe