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Cyber security update, June

Ravi Bindra
Ravi BindraCISO
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SoftwareOne believes there is a need for additional information when it comes to cyber security, as organisations have made it clear that investment in a proper security strategy is paramount. SoftwareOne’s monthly Cyber security update provides information on the most recent threats, the latest breaches and how to react to them in order to stay on top of malware and ransomware threats.

Latest security breaches

Addressing concerns over a potential data breach, this story highlights Microsoft's denial of any security incident involving the theft of 30 million customer accounts. It provides reassurance to UK businesses and technology readers regarding the safety of their data within Microsoft's ecosystem.

Shedding light on a series of cyber security attacks, this article reveals that well-known UK companies, including British Airways, Boots, and BBC, have fallen victim to such incidents. The story emphasises the pervasive nature of cyber threats and the imperative for organisations across various sectors to prioritise cyber security.

Cyber security awareness

This story highlights the alarming statistic that nearly one-third of cyber security breaches are detected after the incident has taken place, emphasising the urgent need for improved detection and response measures in order to mitigate the impact of cyber attacks on organisations.

Reporting on a specific incident, this story highlights the cyber attack launched by the BlackCat gang against the Barts NHS Trust, underscoring the ongoing threats faced by healthcare organisations and the critical need for robust cybers ecurity measures to safeguard sensitive patient data.

Emphasising the significance of security awareness training, this piece discusses how educating employees about cyber security risks and best practices can significantly enhance an organisation's resilience against cyber threats, providing valuable insights and strategies for businesses to prioritise security in 2023.

Cyber security intelligence

This article delves into the importance of securing remote access software, which has become crucial for businesses in the era of remote working. It discusses key strategies and best practices to ensure the security of these tools, safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against potential breaches.

Hot topic of the month: fixing bad habits

How to stay safe on public WiFi networks

With the prevalence of public WiFi networks, this article offers practical tips to ensure users' safety while connecting to these networks. It covers essential security measures like using VPNs, avoiding sensitive transactions and using two-factor authentication to enable individuals to protect their data.

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How much is your data worth to hackers?

In this blog, we discuss the value of business and personal data to cyber criminals and also explore ways of staying safe from data breaches.

How much is your data worth to hackers?

In this blog, we discuss the value of business and personal data to cyber criminals and also explore ways of staying safe from data breaches.


Ravi Bindra

Ravi Bindra

Ravi holds over 20 years’ experience as a cyber security evangelist, holding multiple leadership roles in the Swiss pharmaceutical industry, such as Global Head of Risk Management, Global Head of Architecture and Global Head of Security Operations.