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Technology Solutions for the UK Public Sector

Public sector bodies have unique needs when it comes to software licensing and procurement. Consolidating spend, managing license consumption, and facilitating cloud migration are all central concerns for government IT and procurement teams. To be addressed holistically, they require flexible, mature solutions.

SoftwareONE has the tools and resources you need to help you achieve these goals across co-operative and single agency contracts: We have years of expertise handling complex government contracts, and we’ve learned what it takes to manage licensing and procurement for government agencies – whether state, local, or within education systems. From initial assessment to implementation and contract management, we’ll help you minimize spend and maintain security throughout the entire software lifecycle.

Maximize the Return on your Software Investments

Top 5 Procurement Challenges for Central and Regional Government

  1. Consolidating Software Spend
  2. Journey to the Cloud
  3. Right-Sizing License Consumption
  4. Improving Security
  5. Avoiding Shadow IT Spend

Experience You Can Count On

Access to 9,000+ Leading Publishers

Our expert consultants will help you choose the best software to meet your needs – at the best available price.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Our specialists have, on average, over 15 years of experience helping government agencies select the licensing options that best fit their needs.

Optimized Contract Vehicles

Streamlined purchasing contracts for state, local, and educational government agencies.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We’re recognized globally as the leading Microsoft Licensing Solutions Provider, and we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 5,500 technology experts.

AWS Migration Partner

As an AWS Migration Partner, SoftwareONE gives public sector organisations access to AWS funding for cloud readiness assessments and migration.

Comprehensive IT Solutions for the UK Public Sector

Learn how we can help you solve your licensing and procurement challenges, across Microsoft, AWS and a range of other vendors.

Contract Management

We’ll manage both co-operative and single-agency government contracts for simplified, streamlined procurement.

Licensing Support

Expert licensing support and analysis for Microsoft and other publishers.

Cloud Services

Support with private cloud acquisition, compliance, and data security.

Software Asset Management

Gain visibility over your entire software portfolio, reducing costs and mitigating risk.

Resale Licensing

SoftwareONE can provide resale licensing for many of the publishers we offer.

Security and Compliance Assessments

Optimize your security and compliance programs for decreased risk.

Why SoftwareONE?

Our government agency clients rely on our unique expertise for end-to-end software licensing and procurement support. Our people, processes and systems allow us to offer guidance and management capability over the entire software portfolio – whether local, remote, within a data center, or in a multi-cloud environment.

Public Sector Frameworks

SoftwareONE is an accredited member of the following frameworks:


Crown Commercial Service

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is appointed by government to save money for the public sector and the taxpayer, and to improve the quality of commercial and procurement activity. In order to do this, CCS implements and manages a range of procurement frameworks. There are several IT-related frameworks, on which trusted suppliers are awarded a place. Public sector organisations can then use these frameworks to run their procurement simply and efficiently, only giving access to those suppliers who can offer the best value and quality.

  • RM6068 – Technology Products and Services (TePAS)
    • Lot 1 - Hardware & Software & Associated Services
    • Lot 2 - Hardware and Associated Services
    • Lot 3 - Software and Associated Services
  • RM3733 Technology Products 2 Framework
    • Lot 1 - Hardware
    • Lot 2 – Software
    • Lot 3 – Combined Hardware and Software Solutions
    • Lot 6 – Catalogue
  • RM3804 Technology Services Framework
    • Lot 1 - Technology Strategy & Services Design,
    • Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group a – End User Services,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group b - Operational Management Services,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group c - Technical Management,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group d - Application and Data Management
    • Lot 4a- Programmes and Large Projects – Official
    • Lot 4b - Programmes and Large Projects – Above Official
  • RM1557 G-Cloud
    • Lot 1 - Cloud Hosting
    • Lot 2 – Cloud Software
    • Lot 3 – Cloud Support
  • RM1043 Digital Outcomes and Specialists
    • Lot 1 – Digital Outcomes

Kent Commercial Services (KCS) / Central Buying Consortium (CBC) – Formerly Pro5

National Procurement Service Wales

Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium Framework (SUPC)


Essex County Council

  • Software Supply Framework available to public sector bodies

Queen Elizabeth Hospital / QE Procurement

Make the most of OGVA

The One Government Value Agreement (OGVA) gives public sector organisations access to significant discounts, funding and training for AWS workload migrations. SoftwareONE can help you access these benefits.

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