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Adoption & Change Management

Prepare your company for change

Enable Your Workforce to Drive Business Success

Many companies are aware that their employees are a crucial factor for the successful implementation of fundamental changes. With a clear strategy and roadmap for Adoption & Change Management (ACM), you get the most out of your investment. When employees support the adoption of new technologies, it not only increases company productivity, but also drives the implementation of digital transformation.
Surveys show that companies that have clear change strategies and actively involve their employees in the transition are many times more successful because they achieve better project results. As one of the first global partners to receive the Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization award, SoftwareONE helps you create a successful ACM program for the first step into a new way of working.

Why Change Management Matters

 The transition to a new way of working is a fundamental change -– for stakeholders, staff, IT and the project team alike. Change is experienced on a personal level and success depends on the understanding and acceptance of staff. The introduction of new tools and processes willingness to act require a pragmatic approach to successfully drive the introduction of new services and overcome common challenges.

Lack of adoption & change management strategy to transform the organization.

Project risks due to misalignment and unclear communication.

Security risks and shadow IT as a result of poorly organized IT changes.

Accelerate your adoption & change management with the right strategy

SoftwareONE's Adoption & Change Management Service allows you to define the impact of an appropriate ACM plan using our proven ACM frameworks as well as recommendations based on the PROSCI approach.

With our ACM service, interactive knowledge sharing, information gathering and design sessions are given to help you kick-start your ACM plan. However, the focus is on the human factor and the needs and challenges that currently exist in your organization. SoftwareONE's ACM Framework is a globally deployed, comprehensive program that is implemented in phases and includes the creation of various ACM plans.

Increase productivity with a proper Adoption & Change Management

As one of the first global partners with Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization status we help you through the complexities of deploying a new technology while making sure that all employees adapt and adopt the change.

365Simple with Embedded ACM

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SoftwareONE Unified Support

SoftwareONE Unified Support for 365 with Embedded ACM

Discover SoftwareONE Unified Support for 365 with embedded Adoption & Change Management – designed for customers with an Enterprise Agreement.

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Create a Culture of Change and Acceptance

SoftwareONE supports organizational change and at the same time gives priority to all affected employees to make them active participants in the change process. This ensures more motivation and encourages users to act on their own responsibility.

Advantages of SoftwareONE Adoption & Change Management Services

Increasing acceptance & productivity

Through strategic insights into growth potential. With change acceptance, intensive use of the technology is ensured by changing user behaviour. This is based on the PROSCI approach to designing your adoption plan.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Target with a defined roadmap for adoption & change management, a dedicated core team and individual usage scenarios. Digital integration and accessibility are taken into account.

Reducing the risk of poor acceptance

Negative impacts on your business productivity and efficiency are reduced, due to a lack of Adoption & Change Management, as well as the definition of specific ACM project boundaries.

Rely On The Global Expert

Overcoming the complexity of today's digitized world requires a reliable and trusted partner who always goes the extra mile. At SoftwareONE, as one of the first global partners to receive the Advanced Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialization award, we do everything we can to help our customers succeed. The fact that we not only know the technical requirements and processes, but also bring in-depth expertise from various (global) digitization projects, is our unique selling point in the market: we understand the business and put people first.

10,000,000+ users moved to the Cloud

Certified Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001:2013

600 Future Workplace consultants supported by PROSCI-certified Change Management Coaches

Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specializations

24x7 certified support in several languages

We are happy to advise you

With our ACM program organizations can achieve results more effective and build competencies, as bring together the right people and tools is an essential part of the strategy. Our Adoption & Change Management Services provides you the basis to not only drive the technical implementation of new technologies, but also successfully support the processes and acceptance for individual changes. If you are ready to learn more about our ACM methodology, get in touch with us.

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