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Nonprofit housing association Portaal transforms its software sourcing and cuts costs

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SoftwareOne helps Portaal digitise and optimise its software sourcing processes. All information required for efficient software management is now centrally accessible and available via the SoftwareOne Marketplace. The service has led to significant savings in licensing costs.

Living in neighbourhoods where people look for each other, where people living in comfortable, environmentally friendly and affordable homes, where people can live together with equality and where people feel safe. This is what Portaal strives to achieve. As a large and leading nonprofit housing association, Portaal is committed to cultivating a sense of harmonious community living and provides housing for more than 50,000 households in the Netherlands, operating in the Eemland, Arnhem, Leiden, Nijmegen, and Utrecht regions of the country.

  • Centralised sourcing

    Centralised software procurement and sourcing through a single provider, eliminating individual-level requests.

  • One platform

    SoftwareOne Marketplace consolidates essential information and facilitates effective software asset management by providing insights into licence positions, software costs, renewal dates, and lead times.

  • Significant savings

    Portaal achieved significant savings on licence expenses by implementing various optimisation strategies.

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Software Sourcing Services

A major efficiency boost in IT operations

Portaal's IT team was tasked with enhancing IT operations and driving continuous digital transformation within the organisation. A significant challenge they faced was maintaining an accurate inventory of software products used across the organisation. This manual process was not only time-consuming and error-prone but also prevented the team from focusing on core activities that directly contributed to Portaal's mission of promoting harmonious living. Unexpected software costs were also an ongoing issue which the team needed to overcome.

Software packages scrutinised

Like many organisations, Portaal's software inventory and contracts were managed by a single individual, creating potential risks related to timely renewals, compliance, and financial obligations arising from underutilised software licences. The organisation needed a solution to quickly and easily assess whether their existing software was meeting the needs of their teams. They also wanted to eliminate unexpected costs related to individual-level purchases or automatic renewals.

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Software Sourcing Services from SoftwareOne

Centralised software sourcing through the SoftwareOne Marketplace

SoftwareOne helped Portaal to digitise and optimise their software sourcing process. To achieve this, Portaal adopted the SoftwareOne Marketplace, SoftwareOne's platform for managing software and contract management. The portal makes important information for IT application management centrally accessible and available, enabling users to purchase software centrally. It also streamlines the software sourcing process and provides an up-to-date overview of Portaal’s software estate with crucial details on licence positions and contract visibility.

Software Sourcing Services

All existing software contracts are now managed through the SoftwareOne Marketplace, part of SoftwareOne's Software Sourcing Service. Improving visibility of software contracts and providing several opportunities for significant cost savings.

The analysis and use of contract data held in the SoftwareOne Marketplace has been key to effective decision-making. During the implementation of the platform, staff were fully trained, and approval processes were put in place to ensure that all decisions were signed off before being actioned.

A people-centric approach

When members of Portaal’s IT team were first introduced to the new platform, some were initially sceptical. However, as a result of the training provided by SoftwareOne, the team very quickly understood the platform’s core functionality and rapidly embraced the concept and benefits of centralised software management and sourcing. SoftwareOne's Service Success Manager provided expert guidance and support throughout the implementation of the SoftwareOne Marketplace, ensuring that all processes were managed smoothly throughout the project.

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I am impressed by the great progress we have made as a result of our partnership with SoftwareOne. They have evolved from being a software licence service provider to becoming a valued partner in IT managed services, delivering exceptional business outcomes. Their team is proactive and reliable, consistently going the extra mile to help us achieve our goals. They have consistently demonstrated their expertise and dedication. Well done, SoftwareOne!

Maryam Datoobar

Contract and Supplier Manager ICT, Portaal

Measurable results

A more efficient software sourcing process

Portaal has streamlined its software sourcing process with a centralised and efficient system that promotes transparency, cost optimisation, and improved productivity. The streamlined process significantly reduces the turnaround time for software request, allowing employees to focus on more strategic IT initiatives.

Cost savings

With the help of SoftwareOne's Sourcing Services, Portaal has achieved substantial cost savings and the housing association now procures software at a fixed annual rate, ensuring predictable software expenses.

Time savings and automation

The SoftwareOne Marketplace provides comprehensive insights and automated reminders, freeing employees from time-consuming licence-related manual tasks and allowing them to focus on more strategic IT projects. In addition, the platform’s reporting capabilities, alongside its budgeting and forecasting tools, further help the team manage software spend.

Mitigating sourcing risk

By using the SoftwareOne Marketplace, the risk of automatic renewals and potential financial liabilities arising from unused software has been drastically reduced. This proactive approach ensures that Portaal only pays for the software it actively uses.

Long-term benefits

Portaal’s users of the SoftwareOne Marketplace have expressed satisfaction with the user-friendly interface and the ease of finding software information in one centralised location. This has eliminated concerns about risks and issues associated with software refreshes.

Overall, Portaal's adoption of SoftwareOne's solutions has resulted in a more efficient, cost-effective, and risk-managed software sourcing process, enabling the organisation to focus on its core mission of promoting harmonious living.

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