Your Single Source for  Managed Cloud Resources

Your Single Source for

Managed Cloud Resources

Your Single Source for Managed Cloud Resources

In the past, Data Centers were often built as isolated, on-premises locations managed within each organization. Now, however, businesses are more likely moving to a Cloud-only or hybrid approach with different solutions in place to support and enable the development, testing and deployment of servers and applications. Without the proper capabilities, organizations may find that managing and operating these new cloud environments day-to-day can become very complicated. Managed cloud services can resolve the issue of gaining control over a multi-cloud environment and can even provide the ideal kickstart for your tailored cloud strategy. Are you ready for your Cloud journey?

IT Challenges in Data Centers

Cloud infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex as the demand for future data centers to keep pace with growing data rises. New business applications and advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming a larger part of IT infrastructures as they are developed and delivered through the cloud.

Top-ranked challenge of widely utilizing edge computing is cybersecurity of devices / equipment (17%), followed by managing costs (14%).


59% of Cloud experts say technology is moving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.


Only 11% of executives believe that their data centers are updated ahead of current needs.


As a result, corporate IT teams need to ask a variety of questions, such as:

How do I build a Cloud strategy that best meets my business needs?

How can I maximize resource utilization to extend the life of an existing data center and reduce operating costs?

How do I keep my Cloud secure while making sure to meet compliance and data protection guidelines at the same time?

How can I reliably and confidently support my organization in terms of people, processes and tools today?

Optimize Your Business & Master Your Cloud Migration

Many organizations have not migrated their workloads to the Cloud because they aren’t sure where to start. Our Managed Cloud experts have put together an eBook called “Getting Ready For The Cloud – How To Master Your Cloud Migration” to provide you with detailed insights on the Cloud and to ease the burden of getting started. 

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Events & Webinars

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Optimizing Vendor Spend via AI & Machine Learning

Ken Male, CEO and Co-founder at CXO Nexus, highlights how automation delivers real-time spend data and the optimization plays that affords.

Dispelling the Confusion – What is FinOps, and How to Use it to Maximi...

What FinOps isn't, what it is, who is involved, and why. Ben de Mora, Enterprise Director at FinOps Foundation, discusses how FinOps is becoming much more important within organizations and why it's here to stay

Unintended Consequences of Transitioning to the Cloud

Flexera’s CEO and President, Jim Ryan, examines where the market is going (hint, subscription models are the future) and explore the impacts on the traditional roles of asset management, procurement, and cloud teams.

Build Your Cloud Business Case Backed by Data Insights from Microsoft

Learn from Daniel Feeney, Group Finance Manager, Azure Cloud Economics at Microsoft how cloud economics and FinOps can help you understand the opportunities the cloud provides and mechanisms to manage spend in a new environment.

What is Your 12-Month ITAM Roadmap? Building Your Program Around SaaS ...

Build out your 12-month ITAM roadmap with EVP of Product at Snow Software, Becky Trevino, to prepare your team for a more complex tech landscape and learn howt to start manging SaaS and cloud technologies to meet ther right business outcomes.

The SaaS Explosion is Here: Are You Ready for the Next Era of SAM?

Cory Wheeler, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at Zylo, shares how ITAM and SAM professions can expand their skillset and evolve their strategies to maximize value while minimizing cost and risk.

Managed Cloud Information for Download

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EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Modernize Apps, Boost Agility, and Pay Down Technical Debt | SoftwareONE Whitepaper

Modernize Apps, Boost Agility, and Pay Down Technical Debt

This white paper highlights the many topics covered in the recent Azure and Your Digital Transformation Summit. Learn how cloud and application modernization can drive an organization's digital transformation strategy.

Your Migration Guide to SAP on Azure

Your Migration Guide to SAP on Azure

Migrating SAP from on-premises to the cloud with Microsoft Azure?
Learn more with our cloud migration eBook and take a deep dive with our SAP on Azure workshop.

Migrating and Modernizing to AWS with SoftwareONE

Migrating and Modernizing to AWS with SoftwareONE

Learn the business value of migrating to the cloud, and how a AWS Migration Competency Consulting Partner can help you accelerate and streamline your migration to achieve benefits faster.

What do nachos and cloud migrations have in common

What do Nachos And Cloud Migrations Have in Common?

If your cloud migration plans are stalling, this eBook follows a conversation between two cloud experts and gives four steps to help get things moving.


The Power of Managed Backup

The days of a single centralized data center with expensive on-premises backup servers and a firewall to protect it are long gone. This eBook covers how to simplify and unify your backup and recovery efforts with SoftwareONE's BackupSimple.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT How to Accelerate Your VMware to Azure Migration

How to Accelerate Your VMware to Azure Migration

See the factors driving VMware workload migration to the Azure cloud and suggestions on a path to easier migrations.


Case Studies

Bus and train Aare Seeland Mobil AG

Boosting Public Transportation with AWS

To provide its customers with modern travel on buses and trains, Aare Seeland mobil AG kicked-off its journey to AWS, to gain flexibility and reliability and future-proof its IT environment for a first-class travel experience.

Young business people working in the office, sitting at the table with laptops

Innovation without Limits

To achieve greater agility and scalability for its large SAP environments, GAVDI Polska moved to the AWS cloud, enabling the company to better serve its customers with specialized SAP consulting and innovative solutions.

Data engineer inspecting cables in the server room

Circuitry with the Best Shield

Modernizing its business operations with a sustainable business continuity and disaster recovery solution in the Azure cloud allows HWC, a large US wire and cable distributor, to handle customer needs first, even when disaster strikes.


What the Experts say: Our Blog

4 Reasons Nonprofits Should Consider Cloud | SoftwareONE Blog

4 Reasons Nonprofits Should Consider AWS for Their Cloud Strategy

Do you know Nonprofits can accomplish more by leveraging cloud technology? Read our most recent blog to better understand how you can bridge the gap.


Taking Your FinOps Strategy to the Next Level with Automation

Through automation, companies can cut back on repetitive, manual tasks and save the time and money they need. Find out what this means for your FinOps strategy.


Enhancing Your Cloud Spend Forecasting with FinOps

By forecasting your cloud costs with FinOps, you can gain complete visibility into your current spend and better control how your organization will spend in the future.

Plan & Accelerate Your Cloud Journey: Our Services

Make Your Cloud Journey A Business Success

Make Your Cloud Journey A Business Success

Grow Your Success in the Public Cloud while Unlocking Business Values with our Future Data Center Services.

Portal to Simplifying Azure

Leverage the Power of Azure with AzureSimple

Simplify Your Cloud Transformation with Improved Availability, Cost Control and Dedicated Support.

Leverage the Power of  Azure with Unified Support for Azure

Leverage the Power of Azure with SoftwareONE's Unified Support for Azure

Develop your Azure strategy and benefit from an Azure environment that is optimized for your business needs.* *Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE) licensing only


Accelerate Adoption & Realize the True Benefits of AWS

Find the answers to the business challenges you face and develop, plan, and implement your AWS strategy.

Eliminate the Operational Burden for Your Compute Services

Eliminate the Operational Burden for Your Compute Services

Design, build, automate and manage your cloud initiatives from end to end while you concentrate on your customers and your business.


Gain Complete Control of Your Backup & Recovery Environment

Plan for a comprehensive and streamlined data recovery – centralizing all of your backup needs providing a single secure, scalable and resilient platform which you own.


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