Optimised cloud transformation

Optimised cloud transformation from SoftwareOne

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Simplify your present to build your future

Rightsize your IT estate to build momentum in the cloud. Streamline software assets to lower costs and channel savings into powering your company’s digital transformation.

SoftwareOne’s unique application portfolio rationalisation approach addresses both commercial off-the-shelf software and in-house custom applications to help you make informed and cost-effective decisions about your next best steps in the cloud.

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Know what you have and navigate where you’re going

Most companies don’t have the full picture of the software they own. With the rise of cloud, employees can make SaaS software and cloud infrastructure purchases with a click, causing sprawl and leaving IT departments in the dark.

License contracts for the enterprise software publishers can rack up millions in sustained costs. Businesses lack clarity on how to move toward modern cloud architectural approaches and away from the middleware software of the past two decades in a pragmatic and cost-efficient way.

These companies renew their large software contracts for another year, or three, delaying cloud adoption decisions and stalling transformation. Partially migrated, their complexity and cloud costs rapidly increase. It’s been all “shopping” and no “dropping.” If this is where you find yourself, don’t miss a golden opportunity to free up a portion of your software investment to move your business forward.

The SoftwareOne flywheel

Through intelligent sequencing of licensing cost-take out and technology transformation, SoftwareOne can show IT and procurement leaders a better way. Leverage software consolidation and a vendor-neutral partner to kickstart a flywheel of progress in the cloud.

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Keep costs down as you move up to the cloud

Moving to the cloud is essential to transforming business, unlocking innovation, and remaining competitive. SoftwareOne combines IT services and software licensing expertise to deliver savings and accelerate positive outcomes, giving companies confidence that their cloud strategy is finely tuned to their needs and fully cost optimised.

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We can help you:

  • Establish a strong and secure foundation for cloud adoption.
  • Make intelligent decisions across all 7 Rs when charting the course for your application portfolio, and migrate efficiently.
  • Focus application modernisation efforts on the applications that unlock the most value for your business.
  • Maximise return on investment through software cost take-out, cloud financial management (FinOps), and hyperscaler incentives. And if cloud isn’t the right choice for any part of your estate, you can choose to keep it where it is, relicense, and achieve cost savings.

Your cloud? Your software vendor? We do that.

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Plan your cloud journey with the experts

Request a free 30-minute consultation with a software and cloud expert.

Plan your cloud journey with the experts

Request a free 30-minute consultation with a software and cloud expert.