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Блог SoftwareONE

Блог SoftwareONE

Блог SoftwareONE містить контент від авторів нашої глобальної компанії. Наші спеціалісти надають цінну інформацію про найновіші технології, продуктові релізи або тенденції у ІТ галузі. Якщо ви хочете бути в курсі всіх подій, підпишіться на RSS канал нашого блогу.

  • 25 травня 2021
  • John Duque
  • User Productivity, Future Workplace, Digital Transformation, application services

Exploring the Benefits Intelligent Automation Can Bring to Industries

Intelligent automation is rapidly becoming the standard across industries. Here’s why your organization needs it, and how you can get started.

  • 21 квітня 2021
  • Erik Moll
  • Future Workplace, User Productivity
  • Microsoft, Teams

Why Teams Breakout Rooms are a Game Changer for Collaboration

Several new updates to Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms have been rolled out in an effort to make the workplace more productive than ever. Learn more.

The Keys to Agile Change Management | SoftwareONE Blog
  • 31 березня 2021
  • Adoption and Change Management, Digital Transformation, Future Workplace
  • ACM, People, Technology Transformation

The Keys to Agile Change Management

Agile change management involves an adaptable, people-first approach to create lasting change within your organization. Learn more about how to get started.

6 Challenges with Technology Change Management & How to Overcome Them | SoftwareONE Blog
  • 10 березня 2021
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • User Productivity, Digital Transformation, Future Workplace, Adoption and Change Management
  • ACM, People, Technology Transformation

6 Challenges with Change Management

Change is inevitable, but few businesses realize sustainable value from it. Learn how to overcome common challenges with change strategies.


Customer Roundtable: Embracing New Ways of Working

We wanted to reflect on how Adoption Change Management (ACM) has gone for a few of our SoftwareONE customers and where they believe their journeys are headed. Read more.

New Features to Boost Your Collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • 11 лютого 2021
  • Erik Moll
  • Future Workplace, User Productivity
  • Teams, Remote Work, Collaboration, Automation, Microsoft

New Features to Boost Your Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become a pillar of the remote workforce. Keep reading to learn the best new Teams features to leverage in 2021.

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