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FinOps Discovery

FinOps is a company-wide practice that puts you on the path to cloud maturity. A transition to mature cloud management based on a robust FinOps culture and internal, cross-team alignment does not start accidentally. The discipline controls cloud spending and improves accountability and financial transparency while accelerating the automation of business-critical cloud processes. Our certified FinOps Practitioners help identify gaps in your cloud management strategy.

SoftwareOne FinOps Discovery introduces your organisation to the evolving discipline, tools, and projected savings reshaping cloud management. We bring all stakeholders to the table to explain best practices, helping your team develop an actionable roadmap suited to your business needs and culture.

Meet your FinOps guide

Our FinOps Services are certified by the FinOps Foundation, and we have a deeper team of certified experts than any other company. We provide experts who understand your needs to facilitate the FinOps Discovery four-phase process within your organisation. The program delivers the foundational knowledge and proof of value to build your FinOps competence using established tools and managed services solutions. Our FinOps clients reduce their IT expenditures on average more than 25% annually.

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Unlock the power of FinOps

Introduce collaboration to create cloud spending accountability with the FinOps Discovery. We’ll help you roll out a new culture of continuous optimisation that produces substantial ongoing savings and purposeful, profitable decision-making.

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    Diagnostic review

    We assess your FinOps maturity and talk with executives and stakeholders to understand their business goals. Our workshop process identifies gaps and potential improvements to your cloud strategy.

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    Platform experience

    Work with our FinOps experts to introduce cloud spending transparency and governance. Whether you choose SoftwareOne’s Certified platform or another FinOps tool, we are ready to support your people and processes.

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    Cost optimization

    Trial a cloud-management platform to see visualisations of live cloud usage and the projected impact of suggested changes. We also review select workloads to identify potential savings.

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    Results and recommendations

    Get an executive presentation about our findings, including your current state, the business case for change, and the details of savings and value necessary for a successful FinOps practice.

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    FinOps is a journey. We can be your guide

    Our experts bring 10+ years of experience to every project. Tell us about your business challenge, and we’ll set up a call.

    FinOps is a journey. We can be your guide

    Our experts bring 10+ years of experience to every project. Tell us about your business challenge, and we’ll set up a call.