Engage With Your Employees To Build Lasting Change

Adoption & Change Management Adoption Pack

Engage With Your Employees To Build Lasting Change

Engage With Your Employees To Build Lasting Change

The future workplace is designed to make your organization more agile. It removes the need for costly on-premises technologies and extends your organization's capabilities to communicate, collaborate and share information outside of traditional working silos. Microsoft 365 business applications are an enabler for business transformation that offers your workforce best-in-class productivity and collaboration tools—leading to a whole new way of working. To realize your desired business outcomes and return on investment, it’s critical for users to not only adopt new services, but also to embrace those services and use them as part of their natural rhythm of work.

SoftwareONE’s Adoption Pack is our tailored offering for small and medium-sized companies that newly deployed Microsoft 365 (business applications) and now want to create awareness and drive adoption across their organization.

Overcoming Adoption & Change Challenges

When looking at the real usage of business applications within Microsoft 365, many users are not fully leveraging the complete value of it. While employees often lack the desire to change, organizations also fail to inspire their users to do so. However, user experience is a key element of engagement in a process. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. It’s our mission to support you on this journey and help you to overcome typical Adoption & Change Management challenges, such as:

Digital transformation as the rule – creating resistance among your workforce.

Trust and productivity declines – because of a missing communication strategy

Project risks – delay in delivering and business closure

Missing user adoption – leading to a lack of skills and expertise

Understanding the Needs for a Successful Roll-Out of Microsoft 365

In an ideal world, your employees would immediately become more productive, efficient and collaborative, with staff engagement rates rocketing as soon as you migrate your workloads to the cloud. A new tool or a new technology could meet all technical requirements, but the implementation cannot be successful unless the users can accept and embrace it. The reality is that people are busy doing important work and have different learning styles and preferences. While the digitally savvy folks will self-serve, those transitioning to true digital working need more direction and guidance, as learning can seem like another time thief.

If you are looking for a simple, fast and affordable solution to help your workforce embrace the benefits Microsoft 365 business applications are offering, SoftwareONE’s Adoption Pack is the ideal place to start. Following the three phases of the ADKAR model developed by PROSCI, we help you to establish your new tools within your workforce while also creating awareness and desire and building a basic knowledge around Microsoft 365.

Communication Plan

Provides you with timelines and communication deliverables for each specific workload you choose (e.g. Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Outlook or OneDrive).
Training Plan

Provides you with a matrix overview of the Microsoft 365 webinars based on aligned agendas with the timelines as well as a satisfaction survey and a satisfaction report.

We Help You to Shine Bright

Helping customers like you to accelerate adoption and enabling their employees to realize the full benefits of Microsoft 365 has brought us the recognition as one of the H1 Top Teams partners from Microsoft. Let us guide you on your digital transformation journey by making your enablement process a success.

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Develop Your Strategy to Accelerate Change & Adoption

SoftwareONE’s Adoption Pack aims on creating awareness and driving adoption across the organization. Designed as a professional service, we offer standardized plans and deliverables as well as guidance and recommendations on their execution that will all be delivered in a final Adoption Strategy Plan. This strategic roadmap contains an overall plan of how best to accompany the introduction of Microsoft 365 from the user's perspective and combines both communication and training plans with a corresponding timetable in one document.

Outcome Handover of all service deliverables to drive adoption for 2 workloads ADOPTION STRATEGY PLAN
 Communication Plan
 5 Email templates
 4 Video clips
 2 Infographics
 10 Tips & tricks
 Training Plan
 5 live webinars
OUTCOME CREATION (Internal) Consolidation of customer input and requirements  Selection & composition of communication deliverables Prepare customer-initiated action plan   Prepare final handover
PLAN CREATION Choose service deliverables Choose audience-specific messaging Discuss training based on challenges and scenarios Decision on webinar content & communication deliverables
KICK-OFF CALL Discover current strategy and priorities Introduction of service methodology and plans Introduction of deliverables and next steps Define two workloads to include and initiation

Creating a Desire to Change

When deploying a new technology, organizations all too often focus most of their energies on the technical aspect of implementation. Obviously, having the technology in place is a prerequisite for adoption. Just as important, though, is the change management aspect of deploying Microsoft 365. The cloud offers new and, in some ways, markedly different ways of working for your employees. They will need to be educated about how to use these new tools. Our Adoption Pack is designed to help you:

Empower End Users & Grow the Adoption of Microsoft 365 Business Applications

Create Awareness and Desire among Your Users & Avoid Resistance

Workers Icon

Drive Employee Satisfaction & Reduce Productivity Loss

Rely On The Global Expert

Cutting through the complexity of today’s digitized world requires a reliable and trustworthy partner that always goes the extra mile. At SoftwareONE, we are going above and beyond to help our customers succeed – as one of the first global partners awarded with the status of a Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization. Knowing not only the technical requirements and procedures but also bringing along a deep expertise from various (global) migration projects makes us a big differentiator in the market: We own the business but we also understand and leverage the people side of it.

10,000,000+ users moved to the Cloud

Certified Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001:2013

600 Future Workplace consultants supported by PROSCI-certified Change Management Coaches

Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specializations

24x7 certified support in several languages

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