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SoftwareOne Copilot Advisory

The era of AI is now. McKinsey estimates that generative AI (GenAI) technologies could automate the tasks that absorb up to 60 to 70% of employees’ time today. This will free up time for strategic and creative initiatives that propel businesses forward. The tools employees use on a daily basis - whether Microsoft 365 or Google G-Suite - are being transformed with built-in GenAI capabilities. However, organisations need to be ready for this change before adopting it.

SoftwareOne Copilot Advisory Service prepares organisations for this new world of work by assessing how these new tools will impact your licensing, access, security, governance and organisational operations. We ensure your organisation is ready to take flight as groundbreaking GenAI solutions like Copilot for Microsoft 365 are broadly released, while guarding against threats like shadow AI.

Prepare for Copilot for Microsoft 365

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a GenAI personal assistant built into the productivity tools employees use daily like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. Copilot for Microsoft 365 automates repetitive tasks, accelerates creation, analyses and interprets data, provides context-aware assistance in real-time, and enables seamless communication. In short, it makes the Microsoft 365 experience smoother and more efficient. But before rolling it out, organisations should assess their readiness for this change in work.

Explore Copilot for Microsoft 365
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Adopting Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a business imperative. But it must be done right.

As GenAI and Copilot for M365 capabilities evolve, organisations that don’t embrace it will be at a competitive disadvantage. They will struggle to keep up with competitors’ speed to market, while dealing with their own inefficiencies, higher costs and security risks as employees use unregulated or shadow GenAI tools.

However, poor GenAI and Copilot for M365 implementation is just as much of a risk.

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    Organisational risk

    Ensure accurate deployment and effective resource allocation.

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    Adoption risk

    Drive effective use of Copilot for M365 to avoid compromised decision-making.

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    Operational risk

    Reduce project or operational disruption with effective Copilot for M365 implementation.

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    Security risk

    Protect data against breaches, unauthorised access or potential misuse.

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    Legal Risk

    Adhere to data protection regulations with appropriate data controls.

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    Reputational Risk

    Avoid Copilot's pitfalls of amplifying biases or undermining stakeholder trust.

SoftwareOne Copilot Advisory

Prepare for an AI-powered high-performance workplace with SoftwareOne. Our advisory services meet organisations wherever they are on their Copilot for M365 journey.

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Discover your AI-powered future.

Request a call back about our Copilot Advisory.

Discover your AI-powered future.

Request a call back about our Copilot Advisory.