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Moving SAP to Azure increased performance and helped to better optimize SAP business processes for customers

ProNovia AG specializes in consulting and implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Looking to increase its flexibility using new SAP applications and technology, ProNovia AG reexamined its SAP hosting model. With help from SoftwareOne AG, ProNovia realized the potential performance and cost advantages of moving its SAP systems to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

After the Azure migration, ProNovia AG cut hosting costs by 35 per cent and improved its speed and flexibility to deploy additional systems on demand. Supported by SoftwareOne AG and Microsoft, ProNovia AG can now easily tackle its upcoming customer challenges using new capabilities to adopt advanced technologies and create room for solution innovation.

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ProNovia AG
Information technology
'Lift-and-shift' migration of SAP ERP to Microsoft Azure, followed by a S/4HANA transformation
Microsoft Azure gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt the infrastructure to changing requirements. In addition, the current solution is also economically very attractive.

Christian Gradolf
Member of the Executive Board, ProNovia AG

About the client 

ProNovia AG is a leading Swiss company specializing in implementation of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Its core competencies lie in consulting, implementation, and support during project realization. Developing customer-specific PLM Add-ons, ProNovia AG adopts the best practices and overall SAP strategy when working with the SAP environments of its clients and partners.

The challenge

Continuous demand for innovation means ProNovia AG is constantly looking to increase its flexibility by adapting to new SAP applications and technological platforms. Approaching the end of the contract lifecycle with its current hosting provider, ProNovia AG took the opportunity to rethink its SAP hosting model.

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The solution

SoftwareOne AG helped ProNovia AG to appreciate the advantages of moving its SAP systems to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. It started with a series of performance, stability, and reliability tests on an SAP IDES-System running on Microsoft Azure. Analyzing the cost structure involved in running ProNovia AG’s SAP landscapes on Azure reinforced the cloud move decision.

SoftwareOne AG planned and conducted the 'lift-and-shift' Microsoft Azure migration. The process included multiple simultaneous system moves during ongoing operations without any significant interruption to the business. This approach enabled ProNovia AG to carry out any development and configuration modifications to the SAP landscapes parallel to the Azure migration, thereby speeding up the project. As a result, the team completed the entire migration project in less than three weeks and deployed a new infrastructure in less than 24 hours to meet the planned Go-Live deadline.

The result

  • Moving to Azure, ProNovia AG improved the performance of its SAP systems while reducing its hosting costs.
  • On Microsoft Azure, infrastructure and the SAP applications it runs are charged per consumption, further reducing the company’s operating costs.
  • Using the Microsoft Azure Cloud, ProNovia AG cut costs by approximately 35 per cent compared with its previous hosted solution.
  • Azure allows fast and flexible deployment of additional systems on demand. This increases the company’s ability to adopt new technologies and creates room for innovation.
  • ProNovia AG used its Azure advantage in the months immediately following the migration to start its journey to S/4HANA. It required no new hardware, and the transformation to the new SAP release was smoothly executed, with one system up and working on S/4 the following month. This was the first of several planned migrations, and thanks to SoftwareOne AG and Microsoft, ProNovia AG can easily tackle its upcoming challenges around innovation.
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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.