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Luxury British retailer Kurt Geiger calls upon SoftwareOne to modernise IT infrastructure

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Shaping the future of retail

The pandemic brought many challenges to the retail industry. Retailers have experienced severely disrupted supply chains, rapid changes in the channels to market and volatile consumer behaviour. The retail industry is one of the most targeted industries in the UK for cybercriminals, meaning retailers must also place greater emphasis on security. Consumers are more often using online channels to do their shopping. This presents further challenges for retail firms as they must find new ways of reaching customers and providing a more seamless customer experience.

Now and in the future, retailers will need to respond quickly to delivery deadlines, stock requirements and customer demands. This will place significant pressure on the infrastructure and applications sitting at the heart of retailers’ operations. To combat this, retailers must adopt scalable cloud infrastructures to achieve infrastructure agility through their performance, relative cost-efficiencies, speed and dynamic capacity. Failure to do so will leave retailers without the ability to scale resources up and down within short timeframes, meaning they will be unable to handle the shifting operating landscape. By using cloud infrastructure, retailers are not only laying a stable foundation to survive but laying a foundation that can leverage innovation and automation in the future.

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We worked with SoftwareOne to modernise parts of our IT estate. Working with SoftwareOne was a seamless experience and their expert knowledge of AWS together with their speed of delivery was a winning combination.

Adam Bidwell
Chief of Architect, Kurt Geiger

Improving scalability and security

Kurt Geiger’s existing AWS infrastructure estate was organically grown over several years; the Kurt Geiger IT team is well versed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), running a large estate for both internal and external use. Kurt Geiger was in full knowledge of the challenges facing them and highlighted the requirement to become more scalable and secure. When Kurt Geiger reached out to AWS for a partner to help them solve this challenge, they immediately knew to call SoftwareOne.

Greater operational efficiency and stability with AWS

AWS was born from retail and built for retailers, making it the perfect platform for modernisation and enhancing customer experience. For an online retail business, AWS offers all the technologies retailers need to reimagine their business and manage growth. By working alongside an experienced AWS Partner such as SoftwareOne, retailers can maximise AWS and build modern solutions to personalise and deliver value to customers.

SoftwareOne, an AWS Premier Partner, has deep experience and knowledge when working with AWS infrastructure. Within a 2-week timeframe, SoftwareOne worked collaboratively with Kurt Geiger to formulate a solution that would bring greater operational efficiency and stability to Kurt Geiger’s estate.

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Can we do this for you?

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Significant reduction of time to value

The solution sought to further integrate AWS services and adopt standardised practices of infrastructure as code and change management. With multiple applications in the pipeline to migrate to new infrastructure, SoftwareOne’s extensive AWS knowledge, specifically around infrastructure architecture and implementation of infrastructure-as-code in AWS CloudFormation was essential. This not only enabled the team to assess and manage the applications in a more secure way but also reduced the time to release of changes and amendments significantly reducing the total time to value.

Chief Architect of Kurt Geiger, viewed SoftwareOne as the perfect partner for Kurt Geiger.


SoftwareOne acted as an agile partner that worked fast to reduce our time to value. We look forward to working with SoftwareOne in the future to support us on our journey in the AWS Cloud.


SoftwareOne helped define and iterate the Kurt Geiger digital offering in AWS, augmenting internal teams and helping to build the future of retail alongside Kurt Geiger.

After a successful first project, SoftwareOne and Kurt Geiger are looking to the future, exploring new ways to leverage the AWS platform. Kurt Geiger has already reinvented parts of itsits infrastructure and is embarking on a new challenge to better understand and leverage its customer data. This will enable the retailer to increase its personalisation and engagement to overall improve its customer experience.

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