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Cloud with Confidence: Level Up Your Cloud Capabilities

Cloud with Confidence: Level Up Your Cloud Capabilities

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  • Application Services, Cloud Services, FinOps

An intelligent, business case-driven strategy for realizing the full benefits of the cloud.

Whether public, private, or hybrid, the cloud offers organizations an unprecedented degree of scalability, flexibility, and control over their operations. Yet, despite this promise, many companies are still not getting the full benefits of the cloud. A well-reasoned and optimized approach can help take you into the cloud with confidence.

Taking an optimized approach makes it possible for companies to overcome the limitations of traditional one-size-fits-all migration strategies and instead build more flexible and adaptive journeys, grounded in the business drivers unique to each organization. However, this does not mean this type of approach is simple.

Following this path requires taking the time to consider a variety of factors that could affect the final outcome. These include the potential cost and complexity of a migration, the state of current infrastructure, the potential limitations of existing licenses, and more. But while this will ultimately mean more effort, the result will be the full benefits of a mature cloud.

This book describes a more practical migration strategy for any company that has found itself stuck in its journey. Based on pragmatic principles and designed to be both comprehensive and cost-effective, our approach demonstrates an alternate path toward cloud optimization. You will learn:

  • Why an optimized approach is key to attaining cloud maturity.
  • What an optimized approach looks like on the ground.
  • The full details of an optimized modernization strategy.