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How to deliver effective FinOps for AWS

How to deliver effective FinOps for AWS

AWS has become a market leader when it comes to the cloud, and while many customers are well on their way to enjoying optimized investments and operationalized digital transformation strategies, many don’t know where to begin improving upon the weak spots in their cloud strategy.

With effective FinOps, you can begin to control your cloud spend and fully realize the benefits of migrating to AWS. Driven by a shared understanding of business and financial objectives, the collaboration of AWS and FinOps creates a culture of accountability that enables informed decision-making for efficient cloud management. Optimizing cloud spending with a holistic strategy of driving innovation and cost reduction provides the best of both worlds.

We will help you to better understand what drives an effective FinOps strategy with AWS and how you can leverage FinOps insights to drive your AWS business modernization. Get your copy now and read more about:

  • What is FinOps and what is FinOps for AWS?
  • How can FinOps help to build your business case for Cloud migration?
  • How can you innovate and reduce costs for software licensing?
  • How to ensure cost governance in the cloud?
  • How to invest in modernization as an investment in innovation?
  • How can you assess your cloud maturity and unlock your business transformation value with SoftwareONE?