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Infographic: Third-Party Data Protection for M365 Teaser

Third-Party Data Protection for M365

While some licensing levels of Microsoft 365 include data loss prevention, these are not the same as a backup. Find out how a third-party backup solution gives you greater control over M365 files.

Teaser Infographic: Why Data Backup is Important

Why Data Backup is Important

In the age of remote work and digital transformation, cloud data backup is more important than ever. Find out why data backup is so important and how vulnerable your data is.

Teaser Infographic: Data Protection Trends

Data Protection Trends

As managed backup becomes the norm, more and more data protection trends continue to emerge. Take a closer look at the latest facts and figures around data protection as we know it.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Backing up Your Data in Microsoft 365

Backing up Your Data in Microsoft 365

Get a detailed look at some of the typical use case scenarios within Microsoft 365 (M365) that could cause the loss of your business data and learn more about why you should implement a data backup & recovery plan.

Microsoft Price Increase Flyer

Microsoft Price Increase 2021

Microsoft announced changes to its commercial pricing for Microsoft 365*. These changes are not coming into effect immediately, but they will impact all Microsoft customers so it’s best to understand what they mean and what you can do to be prepared.

Microsoft CSP New Commerce Flyer

Microsoft CSP - New Commerce

Microsoft announced a few changes which affect most of its customers. One major change was the announcement of New Commerce for CSP seat-based offers. Download this flyer to understand the impact on your business and what you can do.