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Empowering Organizations to Transform

ONEImpact – Empowering Organizations to Transform

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) foster civic engagement, strengthen the community, and help people work together for the common good. With external factors bringing intense pressure, scrutiny, and demand, NPOs continue to stand at the forefront of world crises, working hard to address our most pressing societal needs. Outdated technology and processes impede productivity and impact. Scalable, reliable, and highly available technology is no longer simply nice to have – it’s need to have.

At SoftwareONE, we understand that digital transformation in the nonprofit sector is critical. The right technology will unlock new opportunities to allow NPOs to have greater impact. When we make our solutions and services more readily available, we feel we are doing our part to improve the communities where we live and work, ultimately enabling them to progress.

Our solutions and services are designed to meet the needs of NPOs across the globe and inspire positive change. That change is the ability to reach more people, deliver additional services, and reach their full potential.

Bridging the Gap & Breaking Transformation Silos

NPOs face unique challenges in today’s world. They often don’t have the funds, resources or expertise to obtain the same level of sophistication technologically as For-Profit companies have. Here are some common challenges that NPOs face as a result:

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Siloed Communication and Collaboration

Many leading nonprofits are using outdated data processes and communication solutions which makes it difficult to share information between departments and other efforts related to the mission.

Outdated Technology and Legacy Software

NPOs lack the time and funding needed to create a solid IT infrastructure that drives innovation within their organizations. Instead, they are still using legacy software or hardware that leaves them with no technical support options, which impacts employee productivity and operational efficiency.

Lack of Data Security

When nonprofits use outdated operating systems, it places them at risk for serious data breaches which can come with costly financial and reputational penalties.

Pressure to Show Results

Since nonprofits operate on limited funds, they often feel more pressured by funders to demonstrate that their social impact objectives are being achieved.

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Leverage Digital Transformation to Speed up Your Nonprofit Work

When your nonprofit undergoes a digital transformation, it can significantly increase your organization’s operational capabilities and credibility, leading to more donors and greater capacity to serve those in need.

While updating your software infrastructure can dramatically improve your finances, there’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation taking place. NPOs tend to lack funding for a major digital overhaul which prevents them from reaping the financial benefits that digital technology can provide.

With SoftwareONE’s ONEImpact initiative, NPOs finally have a chance to enjoy operational and financial efficiency by overcoming barriers to digital transformation. The ONEImpact initiative is designed to meet the needs of NPOs by putting in place an array of supportive features. Its Global Value Model includes the following features:

Lean Operating Mindset

SoftwareONE understands the resource constraints faced by nonprofit organizations. Our team provides lean solutions so NPOs can meet their needs with minimal waste.

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Strong Business Metrics

Since success metrics are critical for NPO stakeholders, SoftwareONE strives for consistent metrics to measure and reinforce productive technology strategies.

“Glocal” Organization

By utilizing global and local operating models, SoftwareONE maximizes reach while maintaining an on-the-ground presence in 90 countries. This means that no matter where an organization is located or where it serves, SoftwareONE is nearby with infrastructure and support.

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Making an Impact that Lasts

By providing innovative solutions and resources, we helped Welthungerhilfe to gain a modern, responsive workplace and meeting room environment, so the NPO can better focus on its aid projects to combat hunger worldwide.

Transform, Collaborate, and Innovate Securely

By leveraging SoftwareONE’s full portfolio of service offerings, we will support your organization in promoting an efficient, secure, collaborative and innovative workplace so you can focus on your mission.

SoftwareONE’s ONEImpact initiative provides innovative technology solutions to help you unlock the potential and productivity of your teams. In SoftwareONE, you have a partner that will help you:

Create a comprehensive roadmap based on existing capabilities, needs and market positioning

Deploy the right technology and devices to improve communications between teams

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Automate business processes

Gather data to help make the right decisions and inform future actions

Accelerate adoption, social communities and collaboration through change enablement, all on a secure platform

Our Solutions Will Guide You on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Our team has the expertise, especially in the nonprofit sector, to guide your organization on the right path. We strive to help you implement the right technology needed to enable successful collaboration, innovation, and transformation. In doing so, we provide a set of services to help you, no matter where you’re at in your transformation journey, with a special Nonprofit discount to ensure your impact is powerful and long-lasting.

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Our solution ensures you have access to the technology needed to move towards your digital transformation goals – extending the capability of limited resources for cutting edge communication and collaboration in a secure manner.

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Infrastructure & Applications

Moving to the cloud is no easy feat, even for organizations with endless resources. SoftwareONE can help get your nonprofit up and running in the cloud – securely and efficiently. Find out how increased Cloud consumption leads to greater benefits.

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Data Protection

Keep it simple and protect your sensitive and mission-critical data in a fast-changing world. SoftwareONE provides a way for you to maintain control while we manage your data recovery and back up for you.

SoftwareONE has empowered many nonprofit organizations to migrate to the cloud to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and boost productivity.

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