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Application Modernization: Future play on the way to digital transformation

Application Modernization: Future play on the way to digital transformation

Application development and modernization are essential building blocks of digitization in companies. In this context, the industry actually plays a subordinate role: in the projects of our Developers, Data Scientists and Infrastructure Experts, it could hardly be more varied. But the question of a roadmap for how the modernization of the software landscape or even the digitization of processes can proceed strategically is asked universally.

In our recorded webinar week, our expert speakers take an in-depth look at application modernization, highlight the risks and issues with outdated applications, and present various ways in which technical implementation can take place. We show new technologies that enable the evaluation and processing of more and more data and also offer concrete added value with efficient analyses. In addition, we present our tried and tested project methods, with which we can also work in your IT environment in a planned but flexible manner towards the optimal fulfillment of the objective.

Staying Fit for the Future: Application Modernization and the Need to Change

When is application modernization actually necessary? A look at the life cycles of applications and the challenges with obsolete software. We show the added value with concrete project examples and go into detail about the procedures of our experts.

Strategic Application Development Methodologies and Technical Instruments and Processes

In this webinar, we address the conceptual and strategic components of application modernization. From Design Thinking to Lean Startup to Agile Project, we show how the latest methods can be used to manage development and ensure project success. We also provide a technical outlook.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Analytics in Business Environments

We go into the basics of new technological developments and show you areas of application of smart algorithms in everyday business operations. We show how AI projects are implemented and illustrate the added value they can bring to your business development based on current approaches at our customers.

Application Modernization and the Impact of Legacy Applications on Business Development

First, the crucial question: What role do legacy applications play in companies? Answer: Often it is a business-critical role. We want to show in detail which new business opportunities arise from the use of current technologies and how SoftwareONE creates decisive added value with the positioning and performance of the Application Services Team within the framework of offers, the structured approach and the development of a modernization roadmap.


This webinar series is also available in German.

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Application Modernization: Modernize your software assets

SoftwareONE developers and infrastructure experts renew your in-house developments and specialist procedures


Application modernization with the aid of Microsoft Azure

We demonstrate options for PaaS services and Microsoft Azure technologies and show you how applications can be swiftly modernised and made available automatically.

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