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Incident Response and Security Testing

Uncover and Rectify Vulnerabilities to Prevent Harm

Uncover and Rectify Vulnerabilities to Prevent Harm

Have you taken extensive security precautions in your organization and are now assuming that your company is completely immune to security incidents? If so, your assumption is dangerous, because: there can be no 100 percent protection against cyberattacks! Even the most diligent and best-prepared organization can find itself exposed. Therefore, it’s critical to have capabilities in place to understand and respond to these crises when they occur.

SoftwareONE's Incident Response and Security Testing services help your organization to succeed in an increasingly threatening technology landscape. SoftwareONE offers a suite of five professional services, which are all designed to test, assess or enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency. For all of these services, we rely mainly on manual techniques, as exploiting a vulnerability requires cascading intelligence to provide reporting on items, which require a deeper insight and situational context.

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“Real world attacks are made by humans with set motivations. In order to authentically replicate attacks, human security testers are needed to think and act like attackers.”

The Digital Rush Left Many Exposed

As companies rushed to adapt to pandemic-inspired changes in work and business models, many seem to have left security behind. Hackers lost no time exploiting the veritable explosion in attack vectors that came with increased connections, devices, applications and data.

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More than


of organizations do not have an incident response plan.

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estimated global damage from ransomware in 2020.

Web application attacks have increased by over


from 2019 to 2020.

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In 2020, ransomware attacks on average caused

18 days

of downtime for the affected companies.

Safeguard Your Organization from a Potential Loss of Revenue

The faster your organization can detect and respond to a data breach or security incidents, the less likely they will have a significant impact on your data, customer trust, reputation, and potential loss in revenue. SoftwareONE´s expert team ensures effective mitigation of incidents with minimal damage to your business operations or bottom line. Based on your challenges, we have developed the Incident Response (IR) Service to help you identify, contain, and eliminate cyberattacks.

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Identify the Threats in Your System and Measure its Potential Vulnerabilities

The more extensive your security testing approach is, the better your chances are of succeeding in an increasingly threatening technology landscape. Our leading security consultants work with you to figure out which of the following Security Testing Services will be appropriate depending on your current needs and business requirements. After we stress test your security measures by emulating real-world attack activities, you´ll get valuable insights into hidden security gaps and how to prepare your defense.

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Embrace the Values of SoftwareONE’s Incident Response & Security Testing Offerings

As today´s businesses are strongly depending on online channels to make transactions, any security breach leads to a loss in customer confidence and ultimately revenue. Using our Incident Response and Security Testing services is the best way to identify all possible loopholes and weaknesses of the system to prevent serious harm to your organization.

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Rely on the Global Expert

Cutting through the complexity of today’s digitized world often requires a reliable and trustworthy partner that always goes the extra mile. At SoftwareONE, we are going above and beyond to help our customers succeed – helping them to better secure their businesses and protect their assets from possible threats.

ISO27001 certification and SOC2 Type1 for all of our Managed Security Services

24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring and responding to complex threats around the clock

Partnering with Industry Leaders such as Microsoft, Splunk or Trend Micro

Certified 24x7 Support in 13 languages

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