Cloud Security

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Cloud Security Services

Digital productivity comes with a long checklist of security responsibilities that tax IT teams. Even in small companies, hardening the infrastructure and recovery planning can consume the time of several full-time staff. Security management tasks leave little time to train workers to recognize the most common way intruders gain access: phishing and social engineering. IT staff can feel like there are always more potential threats than time in the day.

SoftwareOne Cloud Security Services help reduce security costs for companies, nonprofits, and governments worldwide. Our 24x7 Security Operations Centre monitors and protects Azure, Microsoft 365, AWS, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Cloud protection and recovery for every scenario and organisation

Create a solution that fits your business needs and local regulatory requirements. We deliver decades of experience across thousands of physical and software security projects. From installing and managing best-in-class security services to running policy-based configuration scans and ongoing penetration testing to assess your cloud's security readiness, we stand with your team to protect business-critical data. If an intruder breaches your defences, we can help halt the attack, execute a rapid recovery plan, and use forensic techniques to catch them.

Talk with us about the many options available to create a perfect fit for your organisation.

Our security teams prove their value every business day

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