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FinOps Starter Pack

FinOps Starter Pack

For organizations seeking to mature in their use of cloud and optimize their cloud financial management and aspire to operational excellence, implementing a robust FinOps framework is key. However, many organizations simply don’t know where to start.

SoftwareONE’s FinOps Starter Pack has been specifically designed to give organizations a better understanding of how FinOps would look and feel in the context of their organization, as well as the cost savings and benefits that can be achieved and a clear roadmap for the successful adoption of FinOps.


  • Identify gaps in current cloud management strategy
  • Access to expertise & knowledge of our certified experts
  • Visualize improvements in your cloud financial management
  • Realize cloud savings typically over 25%


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SoftwareONE is a premier member of the FinOps Foundation, helping to advance the global adoption of FinOps and best practices. Our FinOps services and PyraCloud platform have been certified by the FinOps Foundation, we have over 200 Certified FinOps Practitioners, more than any other organization.

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Adopting FinOps is a journey and our FinOps Starter Pack offers organizations a great way to get started. It allows them to decide what approach is right for them based on their level of maturity and priority areas that require focus, building a business case for successful adoption and investment in FinOps.

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