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An Oracle Software Compliance Review helped avoid huge licensing spend

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How an Oracle compliance assessment can save you money

A company in the automotive industry was planning to expand its Oracle licensing estate after an acquisition. Oracle claimed, a net license investment of $12M was required to expand to the correct number of E-Business Suite licenses needed, but did not provide further clarification so the customer engaged SoftwareOne for support. Through an internal compliance review, SoftwareOne was able support the customer in restructuring the IT infrastructure and reduce the financial impact from $12M to $260K plus technical support costs.

Automotive company
Oracle Software Compliance Review
Saudi Arabia
We were in a difficult situation and contacting SoftwareOne was the best decision for us. If we would have tried to solve this without the team's help, we would have spent a lot of money on licenses that we don’t even use.

About the client 

A Middle Eastern company operating in the automotive industry.

The challenge

The company was planning to expand its Oracle licensing estate after an acquisition and was claimed by Oracle with a net license investment of $12M plus technical support costs to increase the needed licenses correctly.

The solution

Because the organization was expanding its workforce with an acquisition, there was a potential need for more Oracle licenses. However, the customer lacked the knowledge necessary to appropriately negotiate a new licensing contract with Oracle. Therefore, the customer engaged SoftwareOne for support.

Through an initial internal compliance review, SoftwareOne was able to determine the customer’s current license compliance position and if there were still licenses on the shelf that could be used to cover additional demand from Oracle. Upon the completion of the review, SoftwareOne found an even greater compliance issue than what Oracle first quoted, but this was a result of incorrect applications of the customer’s existing licenses. With the support of SoftwareOne, the organization was able to restructure its licensing infrastructure, consolidate its Database and Application servers, and clean up access to its E-Business Suite, greatly reducing the compliance issues.

The result

Once the clean-up actions were completed, SoftwareOne supported the customer in negotiating with Oracle for the licenses needed after the infrastructure was optimized. The total amount spent on the new deal was $260K plus technical support costs in order to solve the non-compliance and obtain sufficient licenses for the acquired company.

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