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Stability starts at the bottom

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Building innovative SAP HCM Products & Services with more agile SAP workloads in the AWS Cloud

GAVDI Polska, a member of the GAVDI Group, offers specialized consulting for integrated services and products in human capital management in SAP environments. Its services and innovative solutions contribute to HR strategy, IT solutions, and complex application support.

GAVDI Polska’s business requires extensive SAP environments to create, test, and present its customer solutions. These environments must be both efficient and stable. However, the company was challenged to upgrade its environment to improve stability, scalability, economy, and specialization focus.

GAVDI Polska chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a leading provider of cloud solutions and SoftwareONE as a strong partner who helps combine the functionality of SAP systems with modern cloud technologies. SoftwareONE executed the migration process and maintains updated SAP systems in the AWS infrastructure.

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GAVDI Polska
SoftwareONE’s SAP Workloads Migration to AWS Services
A stable, efficient, and cost-effective work environment for consultants and programmers is one of the most important priorities of our daily work. Thanks to the migration of our systems to the AWS cloud, GAVDI Polska has achieved all the goals set for this process.

Ireneusz Hołowacz
Director of Application Development Center, GAVDI Polska

About the client

The GAVDI Group

The GAVDI Group is an employee-owned company with Scandinavian heritage and an outstanding reputation for delivering award-winning SAP and SuccessFactors Solutions. Established in Copenhagen in 1999, the group is known for continuous innovations and expert delivery of SAP solutions. The company operates in 13 EMEA markets.

GAVDI Polska

GAVDI Polska, a member of the GAVDI Group, is a specialized consulting company employing over 300 consultants and programmers to offer integrated services and products in human capital management based on SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. Its wide range of services, proprietary products, and innovative solutions contribute to HR strategies, IT solutions, and application support that are the key to client success. GAVDI Polska’s competences and extensive implementation experience have enabled the company to successfully implement projects in SAP HCM and related areas such as employee and manager self-service, SAP Enterprise Learning, SAP e Recruiting, Travel Management, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Cloud Platform over the last decade. Excellent knowledge of its customer’s HR management needs enables GAVDI Polska to develop and implement customized tools and products complementary to the SAP HCM system and SAP SuccessFactors.

The challenge

GAVDI Polska requires extensive SAP environments to create, test, and present its customer solutions. These environments must be efficient and stable. GAVDI Polska was looking for an environment that would meet the following conditions:

  • Stability: When presenting solutions to customers, system stability is critical to avoid disruptions which could have a negative project impact.
  • Scalability: The core environment can have relatively low computing power; however, it must be scalable for larger projects and increase performance quickly.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Maintaining internal demonstration and training systems is essential but don’t directly generate profits. Therefore, it is necessary to manage expenditures carefully.
  • Specialization: GAVDI Polska is focused on its specialization in an environment that easily provides support at the infrastructure level and SAP BASIS without involving its resources in the technical implementation.
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The solution

Why Amazon Web Services?

After considering many options, GAVDI Polska chose Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS platform is a leading provider of cloud solutions that assure results. Amazon Web Services also has a strong group of partners who help combine the functionality of SAP systems with modern cloud technologies.

By creating its environment in the AWS cloud, GAVDI trusted one of its long-term partners, SoftwareOne, to carry out the migration process and maintain SAP systems in the AWS infrastructure. As a result, GAVDI Polska can focus on its specialization, providing services and products for SAP HCM and SAP.

Solution highlights

The GAVDI Polska systems are located on EC2 virtual machines (Amazon elastic Compute Cloud), which provide adequate computing power, memory size, and I / O operations performance for maintained systems. As additional projects are launched, virtual machines can be easily expanded, and the entire SAP application environment can be effectively duplicated and reconfigured. EBS (Amazon Elastic Block Store) volumes are connected to virtual machines to provide the best performance at a given moment and can be modified immediately to optimize performance as requirements vary.

S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) is used for back-up, ensuring durability at 99.999999999 per cent and storing backup copies in three separate locations at the same time. Additionally, AWS CloudFormation is used, which enables quick recovery of the environment in another AZ (Availability Zone) in the event of infrastructure failure. The Amazon Instance Scheduler is responsible for the periodic launch and shutdown of systems.

The result

  • Stability: System operations are stable and are protected in the event of failure of individual infrastructure elements. In the event of a physical server failure, the virtual machine is automatically started on another server. In the event of failure of the entire Availability Zone, the environment can be recreated in another Availability Zone using AWS CloudFormation and backups from S3.
  • Scalability: Systems can be modified in advance by adjusting performance to the current demand.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Systems are run for 12 hours on working days using the Amazon Instance Scheduler. Otherwise, EC2 Virtual machines do not generate costs. The S3 service and related ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) mechanism stores the backups automatically, ensuring that unnecessary backups are removed.
  • Specialization focus: Technical support of systems, in AWS infrastructure and SAP BASIS is entrusted by GAVDI Polska to its long-term partner SoftwareONE. This delivers fast support for infrastructure and systems, allowing company resources to focus on essential business tasks.
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