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FinOps Services

Moving to the cloud can transform a business. A cloud financial management (FinOps) framework is essential to measuring your cloud's business value. Without it, license and service costs can increase without achieving the expected benefits. However, most organisations don't know where or how to launch their FinOps discipline and the tools they need to measure cloud business impact.

SoftwareOne FinOps Services provide the expertise and hands-on staffing that accelerate the adoption of cloud financial management practices. Our 200+ FinOps Foundation-certified practitioners can implement our FinOps Foundation-certified platform or another tool of your choice to enable a cloud strategy based on collaborative, data-driven decision-making. Our tooling and platform services enable you to manage contracts and track, control and predict your cloud spend across multiple cloud and software providers. We help you deliver measurable improvements to your business faster than ever.

Stay ahead of unplanned expenses and new reporting requirements

We have a world leading team of Certified FinOps Practitioners. SoftwareOne’s proprietary FinOps Certified services provide the guidance, insights, and experienced advice you need to build a practical FinOps framework that delivers significant cloud savings, on average over 25% annually.

A mature cloud practice with effective management eliminates wasted cloud spending and reduces costs by more than 25%. Still, only 31% of technology professionals surveyed in 2022 by Flexera reported using multi-cloud cost management tools. We offer the tools and solutions to start, improve and extend a FinOps practice with pricing based on the customer's annual cloud spend.

Begin with a simple, comprehensive solution, the FinOps Discovery, and add modular options to address any stage in FinOps adoption. Many customers opt for our specialist-managed service.

FinOps framework | inform, optimize and operate


A business cannot fix issues without knowing about them. Get visibility into who is using what cloud resources using the SoftwareOne Platform services. Allocate, benchmark, and forecast future software and cloud utilization to ensure you stay within budget while accurately managing future investments.


Teams can exploit custom innovations and analytics to maximise an investment in the cloud by right-sizing, right-costing, reallocating workloads, employing automation, and proactively seeking out any functions that waste resources.


FinOps success requires leadership, financial, and procurement stakeholders employ clearly defined governance policies and models. SoftwareOne tracks your objectives and measures performance, quality, and cost to identify new savings opportunities.

Take in the view, all 360° of it

Our FinOps Diagnostic evaluates your organization's FinOps maturity. Understand and improve the cloud alignment between IT, security, ITAM, procurement, and other roles.

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FinOps is a journey. We can be your guide.

Our experts tap 10+ years of experience on every project. Tell us about your business challenge, and get right back to you.

FinOps is a journey. We can be your guide.

Our experts tap 10+ years of experience on every project. Tell us about your business challenge, and get right back to you.