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Access to the extensive Google Cloud offering

Access to the extensive Google Cloud offering

As one of the first Google Premier Partners, we can offer your organization access to the entire Google Cloud platform, including popular services such as Workspace for the digital workplace, Chrome Enterprise and Google Maps APIs.

With our Google-related consulting, migration and managed services, your organization is always up to date, we provide customized advice and ensure a complete, integrated migration. Not only do we do this within Google Cloud, but also in a multi-cloud environment.

Google Cloud Services

Why Google Cloud?

Google offers everything you need in the cloud: powerful virtual machines, storage space, cloud-managed database, security and their own network that they take care of. As an organisation, you can be sure that uptime and security are ensured . Moreover, thanks to their private network, less of your data traffic travels across the public internet and errors are detected faster.

In addition, Google has a robust big data solution for sending and processing large quantities of data. You can easily build machine learning models on the Google Machine Learning platform yourself. This makes your organisation future-proof: you get more out of your business data and can steer on reliable data. This offers (predictive) possibilities in the field of sales and efficiency and consequently more business value that will give you a competitive edge.

Google actively supports and facilitates the multi- or hybrid cloud , if you do not want to be restricted to one provider, . They do this with Anthos which enables you to build, deploy, optimise and manage applications in different clouds and even on-premise, while they function as a whole across the different environments.

Google Cloud Services

Google advantages

The offerings within the Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) continue to expand daily. Thanks to these offerings, Google's market share grew by nearly 60% by 2020, making it one of the top three cloud providers. Many customers choose Google Cloud because of the extensive possibilities in combination with flexibility and scalability.

No less than 86% of Google Cloud users say the switch improved the efficiency of their operational processes and optimised their spending.

The most important advantages of Google Cloud are:

  • Comprehensive offering: from digital workplace support to AI
  • Data power - maximum insight with Google's machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Active support for multi- and hybrid cloud
  • No vendor lock-in thanks to open source
  • Serverless machine learning and analytics make it easy to automate processes
  • In-house network, with a wide range of data centre locations around the world, therefore low latency and effective troubleshooting in the event of an issue
  • 100% climate neutral
  • Highest security standards
  • Live migrations of virtual machines
  • Cost efficient
  • SAP in the Google Cloud

Benefits of our Google Partnership (for you)

In January 2021 SoftwareONE acquired the Google Cloud Services organization Intelligence Partner based in Madrid. We have now been rewarded to Google Premier Partner in Spain and we have already significantly expanded our Google Cloud capacity across Intelligence Partner’s vast network in Spain, South America and the Middle East. After an extensive screening we are a Google Premier Partner in Italy as well.

The advantages of our Google Partnership for your organization are:

  • Thorough and up-to-date knowledge of Google Cloud products;
  • Tailor-made advice on which Google product best suits your organization;
  • Broad experience with digital transformation of virtual workplaces with Google Workspace;
  • Smart applications for more effectiveness of your business processes with business intelligence and Machine Learning on the Google Cloud Platform;
  • Independent advice on all cloud solutions and possibilities (also from other providers and in multi- and hybrid cloud solutions).
Google Cloud Services
Google Cloud Services

The cloud tailored to your organization: Google, multi or hybrid

Adoption of cloud environments has doubled in the last two years. Flexibility, both to scale up and to adapt services, are the main reasons for this. Increasingly, organizations are opting for multi-cloud or a hybrid environment, so that it best suits their business processes. Companies that have a multi-cloud environment have a competitive advantage over organizations that depend on a single cloud provider. They can flexibly make use of the various technologies offered by the largest cloud providers, according to their needs.

Our Google Partnership offers you free choice of products and technologies from the three largest cloud providers in the world. As an independent partner with althe knowledge and capabilities of these cloud providers, we'll help you achieve your goals even better. To do this, we examine the current situation and advise you on where you can best deploy your various workloads: in a public, private or edge cloud infrastructure or in a combination of these.

We do not only look at what the best solution is for now but also look at the future so that your organization remains decisive and just a little bit smarter than the competition.

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Google Cloud Services


Google Maps Platform allows you to develop a geolocation strategy that will help you create new growth opportunities for your business.

It helps you make better decisions, increase user interaction, and simplify operations across multiple industries:

  • Logistics, helping to minimize costs per delivery.
  • Real estate, by providing personalized user experiences.
  • E-commerce, by reducing cart abandonment.
  • Ridesharing, minimizing travel time.

Google Maps Platform puts its 18 APIs at your disposal, grouped into three main blocks: Maps, Routes and Places.

Google Cloud Services


This is the block responsible for the visualization of the map in its various formats, involving everything related to the location and cartography.

Javascript API: allows the visualization of the map. From this API, we can visualize any result obtained through the rest of the Google Maps API that we want to implement.

Street View API: allows you to embed a panorama or a static (non-interactive) thumbnail of Street View on the Web page, without the use of JavaScript.

Static Maps API: returns an image (GIF, PNG or JPG) in response to an HTTP request via a URL.


In this block we find the APIs that are responsible for processing and layout of routes.

Directions API: calculates the duration of a trip taking into account real-time traffic data.

Distance Matrix API: calculates the duration and distance that will be covered on routes, taking into account a maximum of 25 route points.

Routes API: determines and tracks the route followed by a resource and locates the nearest roads at each route point.

Google Cloud Services
Google Cloud Services


This is the block in charge of managing the data provided by Google that will later be used to enrich the cartography, creating layers of information that feed the map and route blocks.

Places API: offers details of establishments and/or points of interest such as hours, rating, prices, etc.

Geocoding API: performs conversion in both directions of addresses entered into the platform to geographic coordinates.

Geolocation API: shows precisely where resources and/or devices are located thanks to cellular towers and WiFi networks.

Time Zone API: displays the time zone of any location.

Benefits Google Maps Platform Partner Premier

  1. We have the Location-Based Services specialization within the Google Cloud Partner specialization program.
  2. GIS team that specializes in Google Maps Platform.
  3. Volume discounts, only accessible if you work with a Google Premier Partner.
  4. Ability to unify all Google Cloud Platform related costs in the same invoice.
  5. No additional costs beyond billing, subject to Google's price list.
  6. Avoid adding a credit card. Payments by direct debit.
  7. Optimization sessions to reduce costs by implementing different APIs.

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