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Cloud with confidence: Optimise your path to the cloud

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How a pragmatic approach to migration translates into long-term benefits.

It’s easy to believe that every organisation has already achieved maturity in the cloud. As cloud usage continues to become more mainstream, businesses in virtually every industry have embraced the scalability, cost-efficiency, and myriad other benefits that the cloud offers. Yet, despite these trends, the reality is cloud adoption is still in its infancy.

While it’s true that cloud adoption has been expanding steadily for years — Gartner expects global end-user spending on cloud services to reach nearly $600 billion by 2023 — many companies have still not moved all, or even most, of their workloads to the cloud. What’s standing in their way? After migrating their easy-to-move data and applications, many often discover they haven’t prepared for the broader and more complex process of modernising the full scope of their workloads. As a result, they’re stuck with many of the same legacy inefficiencies they were originally trying to escape, while also burdening themselves with rising cloud costs.

This book defines a better path for organisations still getting started on their cloud journey. By taking a more pragmatic approach to migration and modernisation that accounts for current limitations, priorities, and potential challenges, it will show you how to take advantage of the value the cloud offers while achieving full maturity. You will learn:

  • Why a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best path forward.
  • How to properly evaluate your infrastructure and applications.
  • How to optimise your cloud journey for your particular needs.