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teams for edu blog
  • 24 septembre 2020
  • Future Workplace, Unified Communications, Reset and Thrive
  • Microsoft, Education, Teams, Travail à distance

Microsoft Teams for Education: A Gateway to Remote Learning

School districts are tasked with deciding whether they will switch to remote learning or return to traditional classrooms. For those that do switch to remote learning (even in part), Microsoft Teams for Education offers a gateway for schools…

  • 17 juin 2020
  • Future Workplace, User Productivity, Unified Communications
  • Teams, Microsoft 365, Office, Video Collaboration

What’s the Best Way to Approach Huddle Spaces and Small Meeting Rooms?

The workplace is changing, and offices around the world are starting to ditch the traditional conference room huddle spaces and small meeting rooms. Discover the best way to approach them.

headsets for user
  • 11 mai 2020
  • User Productivity, Future Workplace, remote-workplace-solutions, Unified Communications
  • Headset

How to Select the Right Headsets for Users

Choosing the wrong headset can lead to a lot of confusion and misunderstandings – these considerations will help your team make the right choice.

  • 29 avril 2020
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Unified Communications, User Productivity, Future Workplace, remote-workplace-solutions
  • Stratégie, 365Simple, Microsoft 365

When Deploying UC, What’s the Best Way to Develop a Device Strategy?

In any effective UC strategy, devices cannot be an afterthought. Let’s look at a few considerations that will help drive your device strategy.

Enabling Compliance & Savings
  • 09 avril 2020
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Unified Communications, Future Workplace, remote-workplace-solutions
  • Microsoft, Teams, Office

Work From Home Guide Part 2: How to Stay Connected

Keep reading part two of your complete guide to working from home with Microsoft Teams.

Modernize How Your School Communicates and Collaborates Using Microsoft Teams
  • 07 avril 2020
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • User Productivity, Unified Communications, Future Workplace
  • Microsoft, Teams, Collaboration, Education

Modernize How Your School Communicates and Collaborates Using Microsoft Teams

Discover how Microsoft Teams for Education can help your school, college or university collaborate better.

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