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Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops

The way we work has changed. Employees want the flexibility to work from home, from the office, from anywhere. This places pressure on IT teams to achieve a zero-trust security model while ensuring productivity and user experience aren’t negatively impacted. The ability to create agile work scenarios, manage endpoints from anywhere, secure sensitive data, and minimize threats are all priorities.

Additionally, more and more of our infrastructure has moved to the cloud. As organizations adopt more and more cloud technologies, it is critical to ensure that the environments are secure and compliant, mitigating risk, managing access and strengthening security management.

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops delivered by SoftwareONE will help you achieve this. In 2021, SoftwareONE helped over 1300 customers globally accelerate their remote working solutions through these workshops, earning us the title of Microsoft’s Security Go to Market Partner of the year. Discover how we can help you. 


What are Cloud Accelerator Workshops

Browse the workshops available below. Contact your SoftwareONE account manager to discuss eligibility or if you’re not yet a SoftwareONE customer, complete the form below. For those that are eligible, we will conduct the workshops remotely at zero cost to you.

Cloud Accelerator Workshop Available to You

Azure Workshops

Microsoft Solution Assessments are a set of industry standard best practices that incorporate proven strategies for managing and optimizing an organization's IT assets.

Organizations are continually looking to streamline operations, increase productivity, and control costs, and today there are more ways than ever to identify new workloads and services that will support your strategic objectives and grow your business.

Workplace Security Workshops

As companies adopt cloud technologies, partners can help accelerate customers' digital transformation by providing security, privacy, and compliance solutions. Leverage workshops to conduct effective conversations with your customers about their security priorities, unlock new ways to help them protect and secure data, and accelerate opportunities.

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