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Creating a seamless digital workplace: The 5 pillars of workplace maturity

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The patched-together legacy systems and tech stacks that arose during the shift to remote work are no longer serving organizations. These “patchwork” systems of multi-vendor or disparate solutions hinder organizations and drive inefficiencies.

According to SoftwareOne’s “Patchwork Workplace Report”:

  • 93% of organizations with patchwork elements in their IT infrastructure suffer from adverse effects to some degree.
  • 78% of IT leaders agree patchwork systems make it harder to achieve business goals.

So, how can organizations with patchwork systems eliminate disparate tech stacks and create a seamless future workplace?

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • Why you must think beyond the four walls of “The Office” to build an optimized work environment and improve productivity
  • The five core pillars of workplace maturity
  • How to unlock a roadmap for the future of work