SoftwareONE Named Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Strengths in Scale and International Presence

Companies around the world are settling into a new normal of business, with digital transformation at the forefront of this shift. Digital transformation has now become vital for businesses of all sizes to survive into the future. One of the ways to quickly make the leap to digital transformation is by looking into your software lifecycle. Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) is the combination of digitized procurement and Software Asset Management (SAM) with the aim of delivering enhanced customer experience and value.

Gartner named SoftwareONE a leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services.

Current IT Challenges

SoftwareONE’s 30 years of expertise in the digital transformation and SLM space allows us to help organizations with their most pressing challenges:

Sudden Shift to Remote Work

The urgent need to digitally transform – basically overnight –  caught many companies off guard, and they have to create solutions faster than ever.

Adapting to New Solutions

Companies that weren’t ready for this shift are experiencing a significant impact on revenue, and have to quickly adopt new solutions to prevent more business disruptions. This involves implementing new solutions, running the platforms and training employees on how to use the technology.


Those who had already started their digital transformation journey were able to react quickly, but many are working with limited resources. For them, the challenge is keeping the momentum going and making permanent changes that address immediate needs.

Why SoftwareONE?

By analyzing your current software lifecycle situation, SoftwareONE can assess your maturity and uncover ways to optimize software use and define cost savings potential throughout your lifecycle, end-to-end. Because SLM can be very complex to manage, there is often not enough time or transparency to identify and track savings. With our second-to-none methodology, we quickly analyze your complex SLM estate and show you substantial saving opportunities in a variety of different ways:

Uncover Immediate Costs

Free Up Cash Flow

Avoid Audit Penalties

Maximize Current Assets

Cut Operating Costs

Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management (SAM)

Gartner named SoftwareONE a leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services. Gartner recognized SoftwareONE for its best-in-class managed services. This honor is the result of the tireless efforts of our SLM consultants with expertise in both the technical and licensing aspects of the business. SoftwareONE has over 700 consultants dedicated to Software Lifecycle Management and serving our over 65,000 customers – making us one of the largest SLM consultancies worldwide.

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Darryl Sackett

“With increasing cloud adoption, organizations require a holistic approach to the enablement, optimization and control of their digital investments, covering the entire software lifecycle. SoftwareONE’s managed services team is humbled by this honor, as they strive to deliver the holistic approach our current and prospective customers require from their digital investments.”

Global Director | Software Lifecycle Management

SoftwareONE’s Strengths


SoftwareONE is an established provider to many organizations. Delivery of services is supported locally and remotely through backbone regional centers in India, Germany and Mexico, facilitating economies of scale and consistent delivery.

Global Presence

SoftwareONE’s extensive network of offices and resources enables services in a broad range of locations. Organizations in Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and South America find SoftwareONE’s convenient local resources key when choosing their best-fit provider.


Utilizing standardized mechanisms and delivery models, SoftwareONE delivers services to an extensive client base across regions.

Dieter Schlosser

“SoftwareONE’s DNA is to go above and beyond for our customers. Being named a leader by Gartner further solidifies our market position and our ability to provide businesses with the technology solutions they need to both reset and thrive in today’s rapidly-changing digital world.”

CEO | SoftwareONE

Dieter Schlosser

What Our Customers Say

Welding robot in the car body production of a vehicle manufacturer

An Oracle Software Compliance Review Helped Avoid Huge Licensing Spend

An automotive company wanted to expand its Oracle licensing estate. To avoid unnecessary expenses, SoftwareONE’s Software Compliance Review helped to optimize its licenses and reduce the financial impact from the initial $12M to $260K.

Arabic tea and dates

Hospitality Organization Saves $1.7M on Oracle Support Costs

A hospitality organization underwent a license audit by Oracle. SoftwareONE reviewed the audit and determined that most of the non-compliance claims were incorrect and helped to reduce costs to $45K and to save $1.7M on support annually.

View of industrial oil refinery

How SoftwareONE Helped a Global Oil & Gas Company Save Costs During Oracle ULA Renewal

A global oil and gas company was facing the expiration of its 5-year Oracle ULA. The company engaged SoftwareONE to help with the renewal process. With SoftwareONE’s expertise, the new agreement resulted in $3.2M in cost savings.


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