Be Aware of Cybersecurity Threats

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Be Aware of Cybersecurity Threats

Be aware. Be cyber-smart.

An average data security breach takes less time to pull off than it does to prepare a cup of coffee. In fact, 93% of successful data breaches occur in less than one minute. Yet, 80% of businesses take weeks to realize a breach occurred. Data breaches on average cost $3.86 million in 2020, but there are also other costly consequences of compromised data such as revenue loss, damage of reputation and loss of intellectual property. This is why cybersecurity threats, such as weak data security, are concerning.

Invest into a proper security strategy and keep yourself updated about new malware, ransomware, and other threats at all times.


Cloud Security Fundamentals

Revealing the secret: Discover the why, what and how of Cloud Security! Find new approaches to help your security teams analyze, control and protect data. Understand the latest requirements and considerations.

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Be Aware. Be Cyber Smart.

According to the “Insider Data Breach Survey 2019” more than three-quarters of executives believe that employees have accidentally put company data at risk in the past year, but 92% of employees said they had not done anything malicious. This shows a definite gap between theory and practice. Though employees may think they know the rules, it often takes only one click to put company data at risk.

Stay informed to close possible security gaps!

Glossary of Fraud Terms

Glossary of Fraud Terms

Cut through the complexity of cybersecurity. Here’s your guide to the common lingo of cutting-edge fraud terms and tactics.

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Beware of Common Phishing Attacks

Types of Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks have become a top priority for all kind of organizations to be prepared for. Learn more about the most common types and how to identify them.

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Infection Scenario of a Ransomware Attack

The extent of ransomware attacks has exploded, and there is legitimate reason to fear them. Things can go terribly wrong if you are not aware of the threat.

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Secure Your Users & Your Cloud

Criminal cyber activities come with only one goal: to attack your systems and to leave you with financial damages and reputational loss. Did you know, that:

95% of all cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.

19 out of 20 cyber breaches may not have taken place if not for human error.

Every 14 seconds a business fell victim to a ransomware attack in 2019.

$713,000 was the average cost for a ransomware attack in 2019.

Your organization’s cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest employee, and a data breach is more likely to come from human negligence rather than a criminal hack. Ensure that your employees understand what cyber threats are, the potential impact a cyberattack will have on your business and the steps required to reduce risk and prevent cyber-crime from infiltrating your online workspace.

Take Your Cybersecurity Strategy to the Next Level

Creating a strong cyber security culture doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll never experience security issues again. You can, however, decrease the risk that employees will become victims of phishing, ransomware or hacking attacks because they are both better prepared and more aware of how easily breaches and cyber threats can occur. Learn more about how we at SoftwareONE can help you prepare for your next level of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity User Awareness Logo

Cybersecurity User Awareness

Help your employees gain awareness of cyber threats, the potential impact a cyberattack will have on your business and the steps required to reduce risk and prevent cybercrime from infiltrating your online workspace.

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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Logo

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Understand the risk to your network environment and reduce the possibility for intruders to gain unauthorized access to your systems and data.

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Cloud Workload Security Logo

Cloud Workload Security

With our Cloud Workload Security service, we plan, configure, implement and support the security of the virtual servers within your Azure and/or AWS environment, including on-premises data centers.

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Managed 365 Security Logo

Managed 365 Security

Our Managed 365 Security service enables your organization to effectively respond to security incidents and realize the full benefits and return on Microsoft 365 security investments.

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Policies & Controls for 365 Logo

Policy and Controls for 365

Assess, design and implement Microsoft 365 Security products across Identity & Access Management, Threat Protection and Device Protection.

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Plan for a comprehensive and streamlined data recovery – centralizing all of your backup needs and providing a single secure, scalable and resilient platform which you own.

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Supporting Your Self-Service Activities

While many organizations are still thinking about what their security strategy looks like, cybercriminals are just waiting for their turn to attack fragile security settings. Following a breach, two of the most common questions from the C-suite are, “How did this happen?” and “How do we prevent this from happening to us (again)?”

Get prepared! Train yourself & your team!

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Security in M365

Learn more about the different Microsoft solutions for managing security in your organization. We will walk you through the key pillars of M365 and teach you on the different security features that are available per licensing type.

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Keep Your Data Safe and Secure in SharePoint

While more and more people work from home, it is key to look after data protection and security. Learn how to set up specific industry and company-wide security obligations and standards.

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How to Reduce Security Risks for Your Remote Workers

Remote working can be of great advantage but there are also risks. In order to ensure the security of your company, its data, and employees you need to have lay a solid foundation. This checklist helps IT and security workers to improve their security.

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Knowing the Security Risks inside your Office

Protecting your company’s data by securing your network is crucial, but many businesses overlook the need to protect their physical office from threats, too. Be aware of these ten security risks!

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