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Linfox improves efficiency and delivery through SAP Managed Services from SoftwareOne

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Discover how logistics provider Linfox leverages SoftwareOne’s SAP Managed Services to ensure smoother running of their supply chain management system and wider logistics operations.

As the largest privately-owned logistics and supply chain management company in Australia and New Zealand, Linfox required dedicated external management of its critical SAP services. Expanding on an already thriving partnership between the two companies, SoftwareOne's expertise in SAP Basis and Security support helped shoulder the load, allowing Linfox to better allocate its internal resources.

  • Smoother running

    of their supply chain management system

  • Greater visibility

    into wide logistics operations

  • Control

    over its own internal processes

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SAP Managed Services, SAP Basis and Security support
Australia, New Zealand
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Streamlined SAP management for efficiency and agility

Heavily reliant on up-to-the-minute technology to manage their expansive, time sensitive operations, Linfox required industry leading SAP technical support from an external provider. In doing so, they could ensure smoother running of their supply chain management system and wider logistic operations. Get it wrong, and any minor downtime or inefficiency in the system would result in delivery delays, reduced productivity, and increased costs.

Partnering with a specialised SAP Managed Services Provider like SoftwareOne provides expert knowledge and efficient management of the system, resulting in increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved cost management.

Established in 1956 by Lindsay Fox, Linfox offers a wide range of logistics services, including transportation, warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding, and supply chain consulting across various industries, including retail, healthcare, mining, beverages and consumer goods.

Currently operating in countries across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, Linfox is known for its innovative and sustainable logistics solutions, leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact.

Reflecting upon their own management of SAP services and the impact it was having on internal resources and operations, Linfox decided to look outwards in an attempt to streamline and enhance its SAP technical support. Not achieving the results they were looking for, Linfox were looking to optimise the technical support of their SAP systems to improve overall business productivity and performance on the road.

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Like any diligent business – especially one this size and stature – Linfox approached the market for their SAP Basis transition. The decision to outsource from in-house management to a third party was significant, and Linfox understandably considered the long-term impact on cost, productivity, and efficiency.

After careful consideration, Linfox chose SoftwareOne due to the high quality of service, unmatched skill set, confidence in delivery, and extensive history and trust between the two brands. An existing SoftwareOne customer, Linfox was already using various SoftwareOne products and services, and SoftwareOne’s Software licensing management and technology services. It was this existing familiarity with SoftwareOne that made them a trusted partner for Linfox.

Could you benefit from a similar service?

Get in touch with our experts now.

Could you benefit from a similar service?

Get in touch with our experts now.

The process

Knowing how Linfox’s SAP licensing and services were already being utilised, SoftwareOne proposed a simple solution that involved taking over full management of Linfox’s SAP Basis and Security support, effectively becoming the sole manager of the technical support of Linfox’s SAP solutions. The transition process was carried out over a three-month period, during which SoftwareOne worked closely with the Linfox team to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibility.


Since the transition, SoftwareOne has received positive feedback from both IT team members and end-users at Linfox. The service and technical support provided has allowed the business to gain greater visibility into and control over its internal processes.

Linfox’s decision to outsource their SAP Managed Services to SoftwareOne’s expert team has resulted in an ability to carry out more complex projects and evolve their SAP operations at a faster rate. With SoftwareOne’s existing knowledge of the team at Linfox, they experienced an efficient handover and continuity in their service.

Here are the key outcomes and benefits from this trusted partnership:

  • Partnering with SoftwareOne for SAP Basis and Security support has allowed Linfox to redeploy staff to more productive areas, resulting in more efficient use of resources.
  • SoftwareOne has taken on the SAP application security responsibility, streamlining processes and better aligning to SAP standards.
  • Increased cost savings from optimising resources.
  • Linfox has experienced improved productivity, efficiency and agility since partnering with SoftwareOne.
  • Outsourcing SAP Basis and Security support to a managed services provider allows Linfox to focus on further business and industry innovation.
  • Linfox has expanded their access to a deeper pool of skilled resources, enhancing their coverage and continuity of service.
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