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Lampenwelt embraces Azure cloud for future-proof innovation

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By migrating to Azure, e-commerce company Lampenwelt, a leading online specialist for lighting in Europe, has positioned itself for a robust future. By enhancing its ability to seamlessly scale services across national borders, it is reinforcing its role as an industry leader in innovation.

Lampenwelt GmbH, a member of the LUQOM GROUP, is Europe’s leading online specialist for lamps and lighting products. Online shops in over 18 countries offer round-the-clock access to more than 400 brands. Because reliable IT infrastructure is essential, particularly at peak times, such as Black Friday and Black Week, reliable IT services are indispensable to ensure all operations run smoothly. As Lampenwelt began reaching the limits of its on-premises data centre, the company decided to move to the Azure cloud.

Supported by SoftwareOne, Lampenwelt modernised its IT infrastructure, moving to the cloud to increase its IT flexibility, scalability, and security. The Azure cloud also opens innovation opportunities for Lampenwelt. The provision of cloud-agnostic services and the ability to use AI-based tools and services will enable the group to better meet new demands and further expand its presence in Europe.

  • 30%

    Increase in operational efficiency with Azure cloud services

  • Transformation

    Cloud creates innovation opportunities and competitive advantages to expand European market presence

  • Security

    Greater reliability and faster recovery times with disaster recovery in Azure

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SoftwareOne supports Azure cloud modernisation

In the course of internationalisation, the integration of new companies into the LUQOM GROUP and the expansion of the logistics network, Lampenwelt was faced with new challenges on a daily basis due to the limited scalability of the existing IT infrastructure in its data centre. It was becoming increasingly difficult for the IT team to quickly and securely provide the group with modern IT services and the corresponding infrastructure, which had a negative impact on operational efficiency and flexibility. Establishing a highly scalable, location-independent infrastructure became urgently required to scale IT services efficiently across national borders.

Another key challenge was the complexity of the core network components, which had increased significantly as a result of the interaction between the data centre and the existing Azure environment. Managing complexity and simultaneous systems administration during manual workload migration from on-premises to the cloud, took time and added effort. Beyond these challenges, dismantling the data centre faced a fixed deadline coinciding with licence expirations and the upcoming peak season for e-commerce business.

The key objectives of Lampenwelt:

Migrating to Microsoft Azure will enable us to significantly improve our ability to adapt to business requirements and efficiently scale services across national borders. This is crucial for the further development of our company. We expect the implementation to result in dynamic resource management, increased operational efficiency, and the provision of first-class services in European markets.

Thorsten Schmidt

Director IT Operations, Lampenwelt, LUQOM Group

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Fit for the future with Microsoft Azure

For Lampenwelt and the LUQOM GROUP, moving away from a local data centre is a progressive step in cloud transformation that enables the company to focus on process optimisation and automation, high-security standards, innovation, and cost efficiency.

Following its positive Azure and M365 experience, and with SoftwareOne as a trusted partner, Lampenwelt again opted for an Azure cloud solution. The partnership continued an excellent collaboration and benefited from SoftwareOne's established status as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP). This distinction recognises special Azure cloud expertise and project experience and has enabled Lampenwelt to receive Microsoft grants totaling USD 50,000 for this transformation project.

The project connected two central strategies: the use of new technologies, such as Infrastructure as Code, and the standardisation of cloud processes.

Collaborating with SoftwareOne, Lampenwelt migrated all management and backend IT operations systems to the cloud. After a thorough analysis determined which applications should be continued or decommissioned, relevant services were transferred to cloud-native apps to create a modern, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure. Applications unsuitable for transfer were migrated using the lift-and-shift approach, which enabled efficient and effective migration that maximised cloud benefits.

The new Azure environment provides Lampenwelt advantages from a wide range of cloud-based services implemented by SoftwareOne. These include Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) sets.

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Azure facilitates the provision of virtual machines, storage resources, and network services that enable Lampenwelt to operate a scalable and flexible IT infrastructure without hardware costs. In addition, moving the data centre to the cloud and relocating the primary Azure region has minimised network complexity.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

  • Azure SQL Database: The implementation enables efficient data management and rapid change response.
  • Azure Storage Accounts provide Lampenwelt with a secure, scalable, and highly available storage solution for files, objects, and data in the Azure cloud.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): User groups have been migrated to the cloud for the successful provision and management of virtual desktops and applications. This allows Lampenwelt to provide its employees with a secure and scalable working environment regardless of location or device.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

The service provides Lampenwelt with comprehensive security functions for its cloud infrastructure. It monitors, protects, and strengthens the security of resources in the Azure cloud. It also recognises threats at an early stage and ensures regulatory compliance. SoftwareOne worked closely with Lampenwelt to implement the service, including setup and process automation, and also provided essential expertise to enable Lampenwelt to take the necessary measures to protect the cloud environment. The seamless integration of Defender for Cloud into Lampenwelt's existing security concept significantly expanded its established high-security approach.

With Microsoft Azure, Lampenwelt can efficiently scale its IT infrastructure across Europe. It enables dynamic resource management and faster needs-based provision of modern cloud services across European markets for the entire group of companies. Prerequisites for the implementation of DevOps have also been created. Following training by SoftwareOne, the IT team can use Infrastructure as Code to configure servers or applications better and use automation to eliminate manual, error-prone processes. This supports Lampenwelt's goal of reducing IT infrastructure complexity and increasing operational efficiency.

Throughout the project, we faced challenges such as developing the new environment to the highest standards without compromising the tight schedule for dismantling the data centre. Thanks to the close collaboration between SoftwareOne and our IT Operations team, we were able to successfully overcome all the hurdles. This is a testament to the flexibility and commitment of our team and our strong partnership with SoftwareOne and Microsoft.

Michel Bülck

Cloud Architect, Lampenwelt, LUQOM Group

Successful modernisation and significant efficiency increase

The implementation of the Microsoft Azure cloud solution at Lampenwelt has led to several important benefits that were previously unattainable:

  • Scalability and cost optimisation: The dynamic adjustment of resources enables peak loads to be managed while simultaneously reducing costs in quieter periods.
  • Flexibility and innovation: The cloud structure accelerates the development and provision of new cloud-native applications, improves responsiveness to market changes, and promotes the implementation of innovative solutions.
  • Strengthening market position: The move to the Azure cloud and the use of modern cloud services is a further step in the company's digital transformation to expand its presence in the European market with first-class customer services.
  • Increase operational efficiency by 30%: By utilising the benefits of Azure cloud technology, such as high availability, scalability, automation, and flexibility, operational efficiency has increased significantly.
  • Improved data security and management: Advanced security features ensure greater data security and compliance with data protection standards.
  • Automation through Infrastructure as Code: Increased efficiency through automation enables fast, consistent, and error-free provisioning and IT infrastructure management.
  • Improved disaster recovery capabilities: The geographical distribution of Azure data centres ensures greater IT resilience and faster recovery times.
With its strategic focus on Microsoft Azure and the first-class support from SoftwareOne, Lampenwelt is ideally equipped for future developments and challenges. In particular, using IaC and AI technologies will enable our company to expand its position as an innovation leader using the flexible Azure environment.

Thorsten Schmidt

Director IT Operations at Lampenwelt, LUQOM Group

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