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A message from Dieter Schlosser, Former CEO of SoftwareOne

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Dieter SchlosserFormer CEO, SoftwareOne
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It has been a week since the horrific invasion of Ukraine and the outbreak of war. Like so many others, I am angered and frustrated by the unprovoked and senseless act of war initiated by the Russian government and deeply concerned about the impact it is having on the lives of so many people. SoftwareOne stands categorically against the invasion, and we will do our utmost to support all those affected.

During the last seven days, our priorities have been, and will continue to be going forward:

  1. Our employees
  2. Our customers and systems
  3. Our humanitarian efforts

Our employees

Our number one priority has been ensuring the safety of our Ukrainian team and their families, getting them to a safe place where possible, and supporting them with accommodations and financial aid. Their resilience and bravery in the face of extreme fear has left us in awe, not least because many have been determined to keep on working to ensure that their customers’ business operations remain intact and protected. Most of our team is now working remotely albeit with a “safety first” mandate and the correct protocols for continuity to our customers.

We have also looked to our employees in Russia, who have been and will be impacted by these events. We are still the same SoftwareOne family connected by humanity, and we extend our support to them as they navigate a challenging future.

We applaud the generosity and kindness of our SoftwareOne family – particularly those in neighboring countries – who have personally lent their support to those affected by the conflict. We know how deeply they feel these events and their empathy and humanity to their colleagues has been humbling.

Our clients and systems

SoftwareOne is following international sanction measures as they unfold. Our clients remain largely unaffected outside of the conflict zone. We have implemented additional security measures to protect our own systems and have been supporting clients to shore up their defenses in the face of increasing cyber warfare threats, as well as the impact that global sanctions have on their ability to operate. Many organizations have challenges or concerns ranging from supply chains, data hosting, and licensing complexities in impacted regions, to whether the software they use is in breach of sanctions. This is a rapidly changing situation. Our teams are working to support clients as decisions made at a geo-political level come into effect.

Our humanitarian efforts

Watching from the outside it is easy to feel helpless. SoftwareOne employees from neighboring countries have personally been doing what they can to provide aid to those in need – from accommodation to food to personal donations. But as a global company we want to help beyond the immediate on-the-ground support being given, as do so many of our employees from around the world.

  • We are making available a donation site to support nonprofit organizations focused on humanitarian efforts to all our employees who wish to contribute financially to those affected by the conflict. We will match and double any donations made
  • SoftwareOne will also sign and participate in the #TechforUkraine pledge

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by these shocking events. We are here to support in any way we can and extend our heartfelt thanks to our entire team who are proving their dedication and integrity in exceptionally challenging circumstances.


A man in a blue shirt is posing for a photo.

Dieter Schlosser
Former CEO, SoftwareOne