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SAP on AWS Assessment

Optimize Your SAP Journey on AWS

SAP on AWS Assessment: Optimize Your SAP Journey on AWS

The public cloud promises businesses improved agility, performance, and greater flexibility and lower costs. However, there are important considerations to make before moving your SAP workloads to the AWS cloud. You’ll need the expertise required to build your business case, minimize the risk of migration to AWS cloud platform and optimize your SAP cloud architecture and operations.

As a certified AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for SAP partner, we have the skills and experience to help you optimizing cloud costs, simplify and de-risk your migration, and deliver faster time-to-benefit through the actionable recommendations we provide. We have helped more than 100 SAP customers prepare for and move their ERP to the cloud with high-quality outcomes, and are ready to help your business join their ranks.

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Accelerate Your Innovation with SAP on AWS

Don’t let the challenges of deploying EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2) or migrating to S/4HANA get in the way of achieving the corresponding benefits you expect. Let us help you enabling your business to be more agile, cost-effective and secure when your critical SAP workloads gets migrated to AWS. AWS provides native cloud services that accelerates your ability to adopt emerging AWS and SAP technologies and innovation, so you can:

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Achieve Greater 
Cost Efficiency

By hosting SAP ECC or S/4HANA on the AWS Cloud, you’ll enjoy immediate cost savings. SoftwareONE will optimize your cloud environment to further reduce OPEX spend.

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Business Agility

Bringing SAP to AWS lets you innovate faster at a global scale. SoftwareONE helps you to quickly enhance innovation and digital transformation in your business.

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Time to Value

Moving SAP to AWS requires some upfront investment. SoftwareONE will help you build and optimize your business case and accelerate time-to-deployment.

Get Expert Guidance for Your SAP on AWS Migration

SoftwareONE recommends a Migration Readiness Assessment for SAP on AWS as the first step to define an optimal architecture, roadmap, operating model and benefits for migrating your SAP workloads to AWS. We are proud of our 100% success track record when it comes to delivery. With our demonstrated proficiency and proven success in SAP on AWS implementation, migration, and innovation, we support you on your SAP transformation journey.

The SAP on AWS Assessment from SoftwareONE is a comprehensive and proven engagement to fast track your migration to AWS, featuring best practices, tools & accelerators, our unique expertise, and financial incentives to make your cloud adoption easier and delivering better results. Using this methodology not only helps you making your first steps towards AWS, we also support you in choosing the right approach by evaluating RISE with SAP vs going native with AWS.

Our assessment approach consists of three steps that will help you optimize the benefits from the migration to AWS and reduce migration complexity and costs.

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Technical Assessment

Step 1: Assess Your Readiness

Our SAP and AWS experts will examine your current technical landscape to identify important prerequisites and interdependencies. Then, we will design an optimized AWS architecture for SAP, to meet your requirements. We’ll also include a high-level TCO analysis to support your cloud migration business case.

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Transformation Roadmap

Step 2: Mobilize Your Resources

Get a clear migration and modernization pathway to the AWS cloud for SAP ECC and S/4HANA, based on your requirements. We’ll analyze the various options for your migration, define your AWS Landing Zone and recommend a migration approach and timeline aligned with your milestones.

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Expert Recommendations

Step 3: Migrate & Modernize for Success

Reduce costs, risks, and uncertainty for the execution of your SAP migration using our recommended preparation activities, lessons learned to minimize disruption during the migration, best practices to operate SAP on AWS and optimize cloud costs. Activate recommendations to modernize from ECC to S/4HANA.

Start Your SAP Business
Transfor­mation Today

Leverage our proven migration methodology and expertise to execute your SAP on AWS migration.

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How We Helped Our Customers Make Their Move to SAP on AWS

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Migrating SAP to AWS Reduced Costs by 25% and Dropped SAP Provisioning Times 93% from Weeks to Days

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Converting SAP ECC to S/4HANA on AWS Unfolds Significant Business and IT Value

Work with A Trusted SAP Expert

Your ability to leverage your SAP investment to the fullest is our primary focus. Focused on SAP on Cloud and backed by deep commercial SAP management expertise for more than 10 years, SoftwareONE understands how mission critical SAP is to your business. Our highly skilled workforce helps you to access and leverage cloud economics and increased IT agility and innovation with futureproof SAP S/4HANA on AWS, backed by a holistic commercial SAP strategy that both optimizes your investment and reduces your audit risk.

SoftwareONE's SAP Services span from Commercial, Technology and Business Advisory, to full Implementation Services - focused on migrating SAP applications to the public cloud and converting SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, to Managed Services for your SAP on AWS platform.

100+ successful SAP cloud migration and S/4HANA conversion engagements, in the cloud

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250+ consultants, with 15+ years of SAP experience and extensive SAP & cloud certifications

Unique & strong advisory expertise in all areas impacted: from licensing and advisory, to implementation strategy, costs and benefits analysis and deep technical expertise across all the cloud platform and SAP layers

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