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The power behind the machine isn't another machine

You expect your technology investments to deliver positive business impact. But technology doesn’t create impact on its own. It’s people who deliver solutions that work.

We help IT leaders with their software and cloud purchases, then provide implementation and support, which is the basis of our real-world commercial advisory. As a technology services provider, we apply these insights when modernizing applications and workloads in cloud-first SaaS environments.

This is how SoftwareOne takes on every opportunity and challenge along the way with intelligence and grit, to ensure your technology delivers for you.

The engine that can unlock IT value

SoftwareOne empowers clients to unlock the value of their software, cloud and technology investments. With successful digital strategies, businesses can compete, scale and innovate better while winning permanent cost savings.

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Our Leadership

Informed by insights

  • 30+

    years of experience

    Our unmatched experience with enterprise software, developed from migrating more than 15 million users to the cloud and daily analysis of more than 22 million devices, gives customers an unbeatable edge.

  • 22M+

    daily heartbeats monitored

    Our anonymized device monitoring and long-term tracking of 7,500 vendors give clients unmatched visibility into software trends.

  • 7,500


    Our experience allows us to see technology opportunities and the challenges clients face as they modernise their applications and migrate to the cloud.

  • 3,000

    cloud experts

    Human inspiration powers technology innovation. Our cloud experts work with customers in 90 countries to build and optimise digital operations.

Powered by Swomies

Every day, over 9,250 SoftwareOne employees – we call ourselves Swomies – solve demanding business challenges with intelligence and grit. We partner with clients to deliver inspired technical and licensing solutions to engage their workforce and accelerate cloud maturity. Count on us for humane insight into building productive digital environments combined with unbiased, vendor-agnostic licensing recommendations based on our unique software and cloud pricing data set.

Swomies measure success by the impact we have on our clients' outcomes. Discover what we can achieve together.

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.