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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Activate Your Around-The-Clock Threat Protection

Activate Your Around-The-Clock Threat Protection

The cyber landscape is ever evolving. Increasing adoption of technologies like cloud, AI, and IoTs, although positive, is further complicating the landscape. As a result, the traditional approach to IT security for securing an organization’s critical assets or managing threats has become obsolete. Are you cognizant of evolving security demands but you lack the required expertise, resources, or intelligence to manage the complexities of enterprise security?

SoftwareONE's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services help you to increase the speed and effectiveness of your organization’s response to a cyberattack. SoftwareONE augments your IT security team with our experts. From our security advisors to our SOC, consider us an extension of your team. Depending on your organization’s size and needs, you can choose between MDR for SME (to be launched soon) and MDR for Enterprise. Both services protect your business from advanced threats with accurate threat detection & fast containment and response.

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“MDR services offer turnkey threat detection and response via modern, remotely delivered, 24/7 security operations center capabilities and technology. By 2025, 50% of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring, detection and response functions that offer threat containment capabilities.”

Gartner, 2020 Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

Most targeted Attack Surface Entry Points

The lucrative market for stolen identities and related personal information is a prime trade for hackers. They are always watching, looking for relevant sources and repositories containing vital information. The following entry points can act as channels for hackers to break into your system:

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Endpoints are one of the biggest targets for cyber criminals because these remote devices are especially vulnerable to attacks.

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Malicious emails trick users into clicking a link, opening a file, or taking any other action that causes harm.

Cloud / Server

Data in the cloud is more exposed to cyber-attacks than data stored in a server.


Attackers try to gain unauthorized access with the objective of stealing data or performing other malicious activities.

Closing the Gap with Managed Detection and Response

No matter your current maturity level, our mission is to accelerate your security program with the tools, resources, and human capital necessary to protect your business. SoftwareONE uses a combination of human expertise and leading technology to detect dynamic threats quickly across your entire ecosystem, providing the hands-on, 24x7 monitoring, proactive threat hunting, effective response support, and tailored security guidance to stop malicious or unauthorized activity and help you accelerate your security maturity.

24x7 Monitoring & Response

Our Security Operations Center monitors for threats and risks around the clock, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.

Reporting & Security Dashboard

We provide reports, dashboards and access to ticketing system to manage incidents and gain insights, enabling near real-time decision making and strategic planning for improved threat defenses.

Commercial Threat Intelligence Feed

We correlate external Threat Intelligence with your data to improve detection of true threats, faster investigation and response and proactive hunting for latest threats. 

Advanced Attack Detection

Our security analytics platform, supported by a machine learning, analyzes security data to help catch advanced attacks that evade signature-based detection.

Threat Hunting

Our experienced team proactively searches for indicators of compromise or suspicious behaviors that evade traditional security tools.

Embrace the Values of SoftwareONE’s Managed Detection and Response Offerings

As cybercrime continues to increase, protecting more than just your company’s network perimeter will be key to improving your cybersecurity defenses. Finding and outsourcing your security needs to Managed Detection and Response will be the best way forward in a world where cybersecurity is an essential part of your company’s future.

Gain Visibility

Save Time

Improve Performance

Optimize Cost

Reduce Risk

Defend Against Threats and Stop Attackers in Their Tracks

Managed Detection and Response is a service that provides your organization with access to the capabilities needed to effectively identify, analyze, and respond to cyber threats before they disrupt your business. By collaborating with SoftwareONE, your organization gains 24/7 access to sophisticated technologies and security expertise to embrace advanced threat defense. With our MDR services, you can proactively detect and quickly respond to threats.

Rely on the Global Expert

Cutting through the complexity of today’s digitized world often requires a reliable and trustworthy partner that goes the extra mile. At SoftwareONE, we are going above and beyond to help our customers succeed – helping you to better secure your business and protect your assets from possible threats.

ISO27001 certification and SOC2 Type1 for all of our Managed Security Services

24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring and responding to complex threats around the clock

Partnering with Industry Leaders such as Microsoft, Splunk or Trend Micro

Certified 24x7 Support in 13 languages

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