Cloud Financial Management (FinOps)

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Cloud Financial Management – FinOps

Moving to the cloud can genuinely transform a business. Without a financial management framework and tools – or FinOps – in place, the cloud could also significantly increase costs. We save customers up to 25% by reducing wasted cloud spending. With more than 200 industry-leading Certified FinOps Practitioners to help manage costs, our customers gain insights into platform and application usage, make data-driven business decisions, and inspire real innovation.

Your FinOps framework starts here

SoftwareOne Cloud Financial Management Services are staffed by more Certified FinOps Practitioners than any other organisation and provide guidance, insight, and the experience needed to build an effective framework. The process achieves significant cloud savings, on average over 25%.


A business cannot fix issues without knowing about them. Get visibility into who is using what cloud resources. Use the knowledge to allocate, benchmark, and forecast to ensure staying within budget while accurately predicting future costs of needs.

Teams can exploit custom innovations and analytics to maximise an investment in the cloud by right-sizing, right-costing, reallocating workloads, employing automation, and proactively seeking out any functions that waste resources.

FinOps success requires leadership, financial, and procurement stakeholders employ clearly defined governance policies and models. SoftwareOne FinOps tools can track objectives and measure performance, quality, and cost to identify new savings.

Take in the view, all 360° of it

Our easy-to-understand reporting saves time and effort with tailored process assessments delivered dashboards that provide a 360° view of the organisation’s current status and performance trends.

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