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ITAM Diagnostic

Simplify and Optimize Your IT Asset Management

Simplify and Optimize Your IT Asset Management

Managing your software assets and cloud spend can be time-consuming and extremely costly.

With SoftwareONE’s best-in class IT Asset Management Diagnostic service (ITAM Diagnostic), supported by our state-of-the-art assessment framework and fully digital platform, we make it simple.

Assess your current state ITAM maturity. Learn how you can optimize your software estate and cloud management and tap into cost-saving opportunities that are aligned with your needs.

Common Challenges

Some of the most common challenges our customers experience include:


Increase business productivity & efficiency, optimize costs and reduced compliance risk


Get budget approval for cost optimization and reduction of unexpected expenditures


Obtaining leadership support, ensuring policy enforcement and visibility

Maximize the Value of Your Software and Cloud Portfolios

Connect procurement and IT asset management so you can drive better control over your IT spending and processes.

Backed with over 10,000 hours of consulting research, our ITAM Diagnostic Service can help you to:

  • Get insights into your software estate with real-time reports and visual dashboards
  • Identify and mitigate gaps in your current ITAM programme including Strategy & Governance, Organization, Functional Processes & Controls, Lifecycle Processes and Technology
  • Benchmark your company against your peers
  • Prioritize recommended optimization initiatives based on the business risk and business value

What you get from our ITAM Diagnostic Service

Intelligent Recommendations

Receive a list of bespoke recommendations, saving you time and effort and helping you to drive change within your business.

SLM Assessment Recommendations

Saves you Time

Spend less time trying to manually collate information to assess your current situation. Our reports give you instant results.

The Diagnostic Assessment

Industry Knowledge and Benchmarking

Compare your company against your peers so you can make informed business decisions and improve best practices.

Access to Trusted Advisors

Our expert team of advisors have completed thousands of projects and are on hand to provide you with guidance and advice whenever you need us.

SLM Assessment Benchmark

Benefits of ITAM Diagnostic

Every organization desires clear visibility across its entire software and cloud estate. ITAM Diagnostic provides that and more: increased business productivity & efficiency, cost optimization and reduced risk.

Providing a real-time ITAM assessment to the organization and top stakeholders can bring your business goals to reality faster.

Cost Take-Out

Rapid identification of potential savings within your software lifecycle management, typically 2-15% of overall annual software and cloud spend through:

  • Leveraging SoftwareONE’s comprehensive database of saving opportunities across the entire software and cloud lifecycle
  • Definition of tangible saving initiatives and calculation of initial business case
  • Prioritization of initiatives based on business risk, and business value
  • Roadmap definition
  • Assistance in execution: we will work with you to implement and drive the realization and tracking of the agreed initiatives

Tool evaluation

People and processes around ITAM are key, but you also need to ensure that you have the right tool in place for your organization:

  • As an independent consultant, we can assess the industry’s leading tools based on your maturity needs and not on industry trends
  • We undertake a comprehensive requirements & functionality review, coupled with an existing vs new tool evaluation
  • Customers are provided with a tool evaluation report and if needed, a demonstration of the chosen tool for a proof of concept

Benefits of ITAM Diagnostic


Current state review of software assets – no longer reactively addressing issues

Elevating ITAM to

A comprehensive diagnostic tool the C-Suite can leverage


Real-time dashboards keep the IT and C-Level apprised of areas that need to be addressed in the near and long-term

Proactive Audit Defence

Holistic diagnostics of the software estate bring a new level of audit protection to the organization

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