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Navigating a Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Accelerate Your AWS Strategy

Moving workloads to the cloud provides your business with greater flexibility, efficiency, productivity, scalability, and lower costs when compared to traditional IT infrastructures. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure public cloud platform, helps accelerate your move to the cloud by offering on-demand enhanced computing power, increased database storage and other IT functionalities with pay-as-you-go pricing.

SoftwareONE can help you get the most out of your AWS service. Each of our engineers is certified to help your organization Plan, Build and Run applications on AWS. Our team has delivered all types of applications in AWS -from core banking, micro service API and serverless applications all the way to container-based solutions.

Find the Answers to Your AWS Challenges

SoftwareONE empowers organizations with variety of ways to make entry into the AWS platform as easy as possible. To ensure adoption is seamless, we have built a number of services to meet your exact needs.

Whether your challenges are related to Billing & Cost Management, Core Engineering Practices, Data Security & Compliance and/or Microsoft Workloads, SoftwareONE can help.

AWS Billing & Support

Instant cost savings, simplified purchasing, access to management tools and Marketplace discounts.

AWS & Microsoft

Project funding, workload analysis and optimization, application design and migration.

AWS Engineering

Self-service and full-scale delivery models, security and compliance, managed Ops zones.

AWS Enablement

Industry enablement, innovative workshops, advanced architecture and design.

SoftwareONE’s AWS Offerings

Busy traffic and urban landscape at night

Leverage the Power of AWS

Develop your AWS strategy and benefit from an optimized AWS environment through improved availability, cost control and dedicated support.

Busy traffic and urban landscape at night

Run Your Microsoft Applications on AWS

Optimize your Microsoft applications on AWS by combining two technology powerhouses for your best cloud experience.


Let Softwareone Be Your Trusted AWS Advisor

Lower Cost

With every solution we design and build, we will identify cost reduction opportunities and deliver continuous cost savings.


Every solution we implement utilizes AWS native services to automate all operational activity.

Lower Risk

With every solution we deliver, we first identify risk items and take a proactive approach to mitigating their potential.

Customer Focus

We focus on customer success with highly adaptable, proven solutions that bring measurable value and tangible results.

What Our Customers Say

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

Grupo Transocéanica’s container tracking system had limited function, it wasn’t scalable and was leading to complaints. We helped to develop a system that ran on AWS Cloud and transformed the business.


SoftwareONE Helps Hunter Modernize with AWS Lambda

Hunter’s vehicle tracking system was strained and outdated. With the help of SoftwareONE, Hunter implemented an AWS Lambda Cloud that reduced costs and increased uptime.


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