FinOps for Sustainability

Save money and the planet

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FinOps for Sustainability

Supporting your organisation's sustainability roadmap requires measurement and continuous improvement of your software and cloud estate’s environmental impact. You will need to monitor and assess the carbon footprint of your IT operations, including each hyperscaler cloud in your environment. A FinOps practice can help reduce the emissions associated with your software and cloud environment.

SoftwareOne FinOps services support your sustainability efforts with carbon-footprint reporting for on-premises data centre, cloud infrastructure, and software services. We enable you to monitor your IT strategy's financial and environmental impact, supporting effective data-driven decision-making and regulatory reporting.

IT is an engine of efficiency — with a growing environmental impact

SoftwareOne dedicated our company to helping our customers achieve meaningful improvements in their carbon footprint and environmental impact by optimising their software and cloud estate and reducing costly energy consumption. Get your team on the right side of history.

  • Up to 3.9%

    IT-related share of global CO2 emissions in 2021

    Source: ScienceDirect, Sept. 2021

  • 31%

    IT-related share of global electricity usage by 2030 without efficiency improvements

    Source: ING, Nov. 2019

  • 5%

    IT-related share of global electricity usage in 2030 with efficiency improvements

    Source: ING, Nov. 2019

Introducing GreenOps, the next step in FinOps

Improved financial oversight of cloud resources, costs and environmental performance delivers immediate P&L benefits and reduces long-term business and brand risk. The key to a successful transition is setting science-based goals and tracking your IT organisation’s performance, while sharing progress with stakeholders, customers, and your suppliers.

  • Engage your workforce

    Employees support organisations that share their values. Use climate reporting to engage them in sustainability progress.

  • Carbon visibility

    Track cloud usage, cost, and carbon footprint in real time, and reduce emissions by rightsizing and right-costing.

  • ESG reporting

    Improve compliance and reduce reputational risk with concrete data delivered to the board, investors, regulators, and clients.

  • Protect the world

    Every step you take to reduce emissions and harmful practices contributes to a future we can be proud to give our children.

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.