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Acelere su Viaje a la Innovación

Managed FinOps

Acelere su Viaje a la Innovación

In recent years organizations like yours have had to significantly transform the way they work to continue engaging with their employees, customers, and their supply chains effectively. Rapid and often unplanned digital transformation has increased the use of cloud services. According to the FinOps Foundation’s 2022 State of FinOps research, over 89% of participants now report having multi-cloud environments. Without an effective framework for cloud cost management, your organization can be caught in a cycle that significantly increases complexity and costs.

Challenging economic conditions have increased leadership’s focus on achieving tangible cost savings and controlling future expenditure. As investments in cloud and software services now represent a significant proportion of an IT organization’s budget, IT must work collaboratively with Finance and Procurement to identify, reduce, and manage their cloud costs, whilst supporting organizational strategy.

FinOps is the answer

It is critical you balance innovation with management and control to optimize the value derived from your investments in cloud services. Our Managed FinOps service puts you in control, accelerating your cloud journey.

Realize the Full Potential of Your FinOps Program​

SoftwareONE’s Managed FinOps service provides organizations with a proven operating model for the management of multi-cloud environments. Our certified service helps making cloud investment a seamless process and allows you to continuously improve and realize significant cost savings.

Transparency & accountability for fully loaded costs

Benchmark performance against best practice

Optimize rates & usage saving up to 50%

Data driven decision-making & governance

Alignment of IT, Procurement & Finance

Your Complete Guide to FinOps & Cloud Financial Management

Our eGuide provides a thorough understanding of FinOps. We explain what FinOps is, why your organization should adopt it, how to get started on your journey and how your organization can use this approach to maximize every dollar spent in the cloud.

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Certified Services That Put You in Control​

Our Managed FinOps service is designed to provide organizations like yours with the intelligence that enables them to quickly take control of software and cloud spend. Our Managed FinOps service combines the expertise, technology, and best practices that you need to achieve financial accountability, data driven decision-making and a high-performance culture.

Our certified service is based on the recognized FinOps framework: Inform, Optimize and Operate.

FinOps Inform - Optimize Operate Diagram

Assess & Inform

To kick-off this engagement, a consultant led FinOps Diagnostic including a workshop and capability assessment is performed. Our Certified experts review your existing processes, roles & responsibilities and identify your current capabilities in contrast with your desired end state and recognized industry benchmarks. Our expert team will then present you with a clear set of recommendations and highlight what potential savings can be achieved.


During this phase, our team of Certified FinOps experts work closely with your key stakeholders providing them with trending & variance analysis. This way, they can align your organization’s cloud usage with resources to optimize workloads and expenses. Our team provides data-driven remediation recommendations at an agreed cadence that support continual right-costing and right-sizing, to reclaim both time and budget.


Our certified FinOps team will regularly review your FinOps capabilities and overall maturity against objectives. Our Managed FinOps service includes Feasibility Reviews with priority business units to update strategy and agreed action plans. We also support you to implement our recommended cost optimization strategies to realize savings. Stakeholder reviews take place regularly to track performance against agreed KPIs, review budget thresholds, chargebacks, and alerts to see what changes are needed and most importantly review what cost optimization savings have been achieved. Our detailed reporting allows for more effective data driven decision making.

FinOps Pyracloud Platform

FinOps implementation and continuous improvement is enabled by a combination of technology insights and methodology backed services. This is what makes SoftwareONE’s FinOps Service portfolio unique.

FinOps Certified Service Provider

A Team You Can Trust

SoftwareONE is FinOps Certified

Our FinOps services and platform have been certified by the FinOps Foundation. We have over 200 Certified FinOps Practitioners, more than any other organization. We are proud to be Premier Members of the FinOps Foundation, helping to advance the global adoption of FinOps and best practices.

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FinOps Certified Platform

How to get Started With FinOps

FinOps enables IT to develop into a service organization that focuses on adding value to the business with cloud technology. Download our infographic to find out how to get started with FinOps.

FinOps Quick Start Infographic
How to get Started With FinOps Infographic Preview

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