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Managed FinOps Services

Rapid, often unplanned digital transformation has increased the use of cloud services. Many organisations now have multicloud environments that are unnecessarily complex and costly. Without a practical framework, organisations quickly lose control of cloud cost management. Many are looking to build and mature their FinOps practices to maximise their cloud investment and maintain its value. Yet most IT teams do not have the time or expertise to implement FinOps practices.

SoftwareOne Managed FinOps Services provide the expertise, technology, and best practices that support our customers’ progress toward cloud maturity and financial management. Rely on our FinOps Foundation-certified practitioners, PyraCloud platform, and services help establish a culture of financial accountability that supports data-driven decision-making.

Accelerate your FinOps journey

Your FinOps journey begins with a review of your existing processes, roles, and responsibilities to benchmark your cloud maturity.




Our certified FinOps consultants assess your current capabilities and processes, providing your FinOps stakeholders with complete visibility into the cloud ecosystem using reliable, consistent data and intelligence. We conduct interviews with stakeholders to understand your desired future state. Our team will then provide a set of recommended actions and detailed projections of the savings you can achieve.



Once the plan is approved, your FinOps consultant can monitor the environment to provide real-time usage data and advice so you can rapidly optimise workloads and cloud spending. We work closely with stakeholders, keeping them informed as your cloud maturity evolves. Most importantly, we facilitate cross-team dialogue to encourage a culture of cloud cost accountability and transparency. Continuous right-costing and right-sizing reclaim resources and budgets.


SoftwareOne Managed FinOps service includes feasibility reviews with priority business units to update your technology strategy and agreed-on action plans. We support the implementation of recommended cost-optimization strategies to realise savings. Our detailed reporting enables effective data-driven decision-making. Your team will regularly participate in facilitated stakeholder reviews to track performance against agreed KPIs, budget thresholds, chargebacks, and alerts. See what changes are needed and, most importantly, review the savings realised.

SoftwareOne delivers certified insights in 90 countries


Software and cloud expertise recognised by the leading hyperscaler cloud providers


Results that count at the bottom line

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    Transparency and accountability for fully loaded cloud costs

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    Benchmarked cloud maturity and performance based on best practices

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    Optimised cloud and software savings, typically greater than 25% a year

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    Organisational alignment of IT, procurement, and financial goals

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    Data-driven decision-making with strong governance and accountability

Discover true cloud financial management

Gain the insights your teams need to implement best practices, report, manage and optimize cloud spend across the entire business.

Managed FinOps makes an impact

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