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FinOps Starter Pack

Get Started on Your Cloud Financial Management Journey

FinOps Starter Pack: Get Started on Your Cloud Financial Management Journey

For organizations seeking to mature in their use of cloud, optimize their cloud spend and aspire to operational excellence, implementing a robust FinOps framework is key. FinOps provides the actionable intelligence and organizational alignment that drives effective decision making and control over cloud usage and expenditure. However, many organizations simply don’t know where to start.

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Adopting FinOps is a journey. Our FinOps Starter Pack offers organizations like yours a great way to get started. It allows you to decide what approach is right for you based on your level of maturity and priority areas that require focus, it helps you build a business case for successful adoption and investment in FinOps.

What our FinOps Starter Pack can do for Your Organization

Realize cloud savings typically over 25%

Identify gaps in current cloud management strategy

Access to expertise & knowledge of our certified team

Visualize improvements in your cloud financial management

Build your FinOps Business Case & Prioritized Action Plan

Four Steps to Build an Effective FinOps Framework

Our FinOps Starter Pack has been specifically designed to give your team a better understanding of how FinOps would look and feel in the context of your organization, as well as the cost savings and benefits that you can achieve and a clear roadmap for the successful adoption of FinOps in your business.

Four Steps to build an effective FinOps framework

FinOps Diagnostic

During our Diagnostic assessment, our certified FinOps experts look at your phase of FinOps maturity and priority areas that require your attention. They will talk to your executive sponsors to gain a better understanding of their goals and objectives. We also run a workshop for your key stakeholders to identify gaps and remediation required in your current cloud management strategy.

FinOps Platform Experience

Screenshot Cloud Dashboard

You will also be able to trial a cloud management platform using your own live data to populate dashboards and reports, this allows your stakeholders to visualize how their cloud financial management can be improved. This transparency allows your decision makers to truly understand their cloud usage and costs, implement control mechanisms and identify issues before they have an impact on your organization.

Cost Optimization – Proof of Value

Once your organization’s data is live in the platform, our experts will review several workloads within your existing environment to identify priority areas where you can realize cost saving quickly. We will clearly demonstrate the value and potential savings that your organization can achieve through a combination of certified optimization services and a fully integrated FinOps platform.

Results & Recommendations Report

Upon completion of our assessments, the final phase of our Starter Pack is an executive presentation to your key stakeholders and sponsors. We will present the detailed results of our review, key recommendations and a business case for change, including easy-to-digest metrics for how FinOps can help your organization meet its digital transformation and financial goals. Our report and presentation includes…

  • Current level of maturity
  • Improvements that need to be made
  • A prioritized action plan with next steps
  • Strategic recommendations for the future

How to get Started With FinOps

FinOps enables IT to develop into a service organization that focuses on adding value to the business with cloud technology. Download our infographic to find out how to get started with FinOps.

FinOps Quick Start Infographic
How to get Started With FinOps Infographic Preview
FinOps Certified Service Provider

A Team you can Trust

SoftwareONE is FinOps Certified

Our FinOps services and platform have been certified by the FinOps Foundation. We have over 200 Certified FinOps Practitioners, more than any other organization. We are proud to be Premier Members of the FinOps Foundation, helping to advance the global adoption of FinOps and best practices.

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FinOps Certified Platform
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Reach your FinOps Goals with PyraCloud

Our FinOps Certified platform PyraCloud helps you reduce spend, optimize costs and manage cloud platforms. It allows you to digitize your software supply chain, manage contracts, and track, control and predict your cloud spend across multiple providers. Unlock ONE platform that provides intelligent software and cloud insights.

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