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Navigating a Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Accelerate Your AWS Strategy

Moving workloads to the cloud provides your business with greater flexibility, efficiency, productivity, scalability, and lower costs when compared to traditional IT infrastructures. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure public cloud platform, helps accelerate your move to the cloud by offering on-demand enhanced computing power, increased database storage and other IT functionalities with pay-as-you-go pricing.

SoftwareONE can help you get the most out of your AWS service. Each of our engineers is certified to help your organization Plan, Build and Run applications on AWS. Our team has delivered all types of applications in AWS -from core banking, micro service API and serverless applications all the way to container-based solutions.

We help you to transform

As one of the few global AWS Migration Consulting Partners we are your strategic business advisor to accelerate your cloud adoption journey while helping you reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security. Let us do the heavy part and guide you on your journey to migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS.

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Top Initiatives Companies are Considering when Planning for the Cloud

In the rapidly evolving cloud market, identifying emerging trends can help drive digital business decision making, vendor and technology selection and investment strategies. So, what cloud initiatives are organizations looking at?

Optimizing existing use of the cloud

Migrating more workloads to the cloud

Expanding use of containers

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Improving financial reporting on cloud costs

Extending use of cloud marketplaces

Build an AWS Environment that Meets Your Business Needs

Deploying workloads in a public cloud can be challenging when you need to cut through complexity with limited bandwidth and resources. At SoftwareONE, a dedicated team of AWS experts guides you through your AWS journey and helps keep you on track. If any of these challenges sound familiar, get us involved!

  • You are facing high regulations and you need a partner who understands both the public cloud and industry you are working in.

  • You are limited in resources and you need educated cloud support to get your AWS environment up and running quickly.

  • You don’t have the resources to monitor your systems 24x7 for potential breaches and security violations.

  • You want to spread workloads across multiple clouds while preserving connections between them.

  • You’re thinking of migrating legacy workloads to the cloud.

Find the Answers to Your AWS Challenges

SoftwareONE empowers organizations with variety of ways to make entry into the AWS platform as easy as possible. To ensure adoption is seamless, we have built a number of services to meet your exact needs.

Whether your challenges are related to Billing & Cost Management, Core Engineering Practices, Data Security & Compliance and/or Microsoft Workloads, SoftwareONE can help.

AWS Billing & Support

Instant cost savings, simplified purchasing, access to management tools and Marketplace discounts.

AWS & Microsoft

Project funding, workload analysis and optimization, application design and migration.

AWS Engineering

Self-service and full-scale delivery models, security and compliance, managed Ops zones.

AWS Enablement

Industry enablement, innovative workshops, advanced architecture and design.

SoftwareONE’s AWS Offerings

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

SoftwareONE’s Managed Cloud brings together the people, process and technology to optimize your cloud initiatives.

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Leverage the Power of AWS

Develop your AWS strategy and benefit from an optimized AWS environment through improved availability, cost control and dedicated support.

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Run Your Microsoft Applications on AWS

Optimize your Microsoft applications on AWS by combining two technology powerhouses for your best cloud experience.

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Improve Your AWS Architectures

As an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS we help you to build the infrastructure you really need through a structured approach.


Gain Complete Control of Your AWS Backup & Recovery Environment

Build a comprehensive and streamlined data recovery strategy by centralizing all of your backup needs to provide a single, secure, scalable and resilient platform which you own.

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Secure Your Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments in AWS

Plan, configure, implement and support the security of the virtual servers within your AWS environment, including on-premises data centers.


Let Softwareone Be Your Trusted AWS Advisor

Lower Cost

With every solution we design and build, we will identify cost reduction opportunities and deliver continuous cost savings.


Every solution we implement utilizes AWS native services to automate all operational activity.

Lower Risk

With every solution we deliver, we first identify risk items and take a proactive approach to mitigating their potential.

Customer Focus

We focus on customer success with highly adaptable, proven solutions that bring measurable value and tangible results.

AWS Marketplace – Take the Fast Lane with SoftwareONE

In an increasingly competitive world, our customers are seeking ways to outperform their peers. AWS and SoftwareONE bring solutions to market that help manage risk and complexity while driving digital transformation. SoftwareONE is streamlining our customers’ ability to better understand and leverage the power of AWS –providing guidance and expertise through the complete AWS journey and offering tailored AWS services through the official AWS Marketplace.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS through one single solution provider. Ease the burden of bringing together different services and speed up your business by channeling all of your AWS services through SoftwareONE.

We offer powerful business programs and technical tools to help you establish, manage, and grow a successful business on AWS through different pillars:

Leverage the expertise of certified AWS services providers specialized in providing modern customer solutions based on AWS technology.

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Allow a certified AWS premium partner to evaluate your business goals, identify a solution that meets your business needs, and increase the flexibility and efficiency of your business.

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Choose the most advanced AWS partner to help you make the most of the cloud and expose new opportunities for both business and sales growth.

What Our Customers Say

Migrating SAP on AWS: How Visy Gained Agility & Accelerated Innovation

With a vision to drive more innovation, improve performance, while reducing costs, Visy decided to move to the cloud in 2017. This webinar will focus on the approach taken and the benefits realized since then.

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MyTeam11 Accelerates Innovation By 70 % Using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

MyTeam11 transformed its online fantasy sports platform with AWS. Cloud-based agility, scalability, and automation enabled MyTeam11 to enhance the gaming experience of its users and focus on innovation by bringing changes to market 70% faster.

Building a Modern Remote Workplace with Cloud Desktops

Assured Flexibility with Cloud Desktops from Amazon WorkSpaces

A major oil and gas company improved its workforce flexibility and productivity for its remote and mobile workers by easy and fast provisioning of cloud accessible desktops and applications with Amazon WorkSpaces.

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

Grupo Transocéanica’s container tracking system had limited function, it wasn’t scalable and was leading to complaints. We helped to develop a system that ran on AWS Cloud and transformed the business.

Optimizing IT Operations with AWS

Southeast Asia Bank Optimizes Operations with AWS

AWS fulfills this Southeast Asia bank’s need for a secure, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure. While SoftwareONE manages its cloud environment, the bank’s staff stays focused on driving the business forward.


SoftwareONE Helps Hunter Modernize with AWS Lambda

Hunter’s vehicle tracking system was strained and outdated. With the help of SoftwareONE, Hunter implemented an AWS Lambda Cloud that reduced costs and increased uptime.


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